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Applying and Enrolling for Doctoral Studies

If you are interested in enrolling in doctoral studies, you must first submit proof that your declaration of intent to pursue a doctorate has been accepted by the relevant faculty at Technische Universität Berlin. This means you must first submit the declaration of intent to the faculty service center of the relevant faculty. The faculty board will then inform you whether you have been admitted as a doctoral candidate and of any conditions of your admission. The TU Berlin Doctoral Regulations require all doctoral candidates not employed at TU Berlin to enroll as doctoral students.

When enrolling, please be sure to state the degree program offered by TU Berlin which most closely matches with your field of work.

How to enroll


Due to urgent maintenance, the registration portal will be unavailable from 7am to 9am on 15/03/2024. You will not be able to register during this period. If you receive an error message during registration, please try again at a later time.


To enroll you must have received the faculty board decision confirming the faculty’s acceptance of your declaration of intent to pursue a doctorate and stating whether you will be completing your doctorate in English or German.

You must register your declaration of intent to pursue a doctorate at the relevant faculty service center (see contact details below).

You can apply and enroll at any time.

As a doctoral student, you are required to pay a semester fee each semester like all enrolled students. You will not be charged any late fees when enrolling. However, please note a late fee will be charged if you re-register after the required deadline.

You can find general information about doctoral studies on the Center for Junior Scholars (CJS) website.

Enrollment steps for doctoral candidates whose declaration of intent has been approved:

  1. You need to first complete the online registration. This is also necessary if you are already an employee at the TU Berlin.
  2. You will then receive an email with login details for your personal TU Berlin portal (tuPORT).
  3. You will be able to see the app“Enrollment and re-registration requirements”, after initially passing the app "First steps". Click here to see which documents you are required to upload.
  4. Refer to the following web page to get an idea of which documents these are.
  5. After you finish enrolling, you will receive an email with further information.
  6. After enrolment, please have your student account linked to your staff account. Please contact the personnel team responsible for you.

Re-registration to the next semester for PhD student

Information regarding your re-registration to the following semester as a PhD student will be send by e-mail to your e-mail account of TU Berlin.

General information about re-registration is available here.

Overview of TU Berlin points of contact

Center for Junior Scholars (CJS)Information and advising on doctorates and the postdoc phase, Preparation of course offers and funding options
Faculty Service CenterClarification of formal questions, registration of the declaration of intent to pursue a doctorate, admission to the doctoral procedure
Office of Student Affairs - Graduate AdmissionsAdvising for prospective doctoral candidates about the enrollment
International Office - Referat Studierendenmobilität und internationale StudierendeGeneral information about stays, working, accommodation, visa services
International Office - Bereich ÄquivalenzenAdvising for prospective doctoral candidates with a foreign university degree
FacultyFaculty Service Center (FSC)Contact person in FSCDoctorate page of the facultyOmbudsperson for doctoral candidates
Faculty I - Humanities:FSC Faculty IIwona WieczorekFaculty IProf. Dr. Kerstin Wittmann-Englert
Faculty II – Mathematics and Natural Sciences:FSC Faculty IIAnne Jenß + Lara SchäferFaculty IIProf. Dr. Etienne Emmrich
Faculty III – Process Sciences:FSC Faculty IIIBeate NeumannFaculty IIIDr. Philip Wietstock
Faculty IV – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:FSC Faculty IVJana PeichFaculty IVProf. Dr. Odej Kao + Prof. Dr. Marianne Maertens
Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems:FSC Faculty VJulia StützerFaculty VProf. Dr. Andreas Bardenhagen
Faculty VI – Planning Building Environment:FSC Faculty VIPia JubinFaculty VIDr. Daniel Aubram
Faculty VII – Economics and Management:FSC Faculty VIIBarbara EngelFaculty VIIProf. Dr. Dorothea Kübler

Aktuelles aus dem Studierendensekretariat

Here you will find current informationen.

Where to find points of contact

  • Marker  Büro für Internationales, Referat Studierendenmobilität und internationale Studierende, Bereich Äquivalenzen
  • Marker  Büro für Internationales, Referat Studierendenmobilität und internationale Studierende, Betreuung internationaler Studierender
  • Marker  Campus Center
  • Marker  Doctoral and Postdoctoral Services
  • Marker  Office of Student Affairs (Application & Enrollment), Graduate Admissions