I E - Academic Advising Service

Inclusion Support Services

Inclusion support services refers to specific support provided based on your studies such as technical aids or study assistants. This does not extend to living assistance, medical care, or nursing care. Students at Berlin institutions of higher education as well as prospective students can request customized inclusion support services for their studies.

TU Berlin students can contact the Counselling Centre for Barrier-free Studies of studierendenWERK Berlin (Charlottenburg) for further information about inclusion support services.

Examples of inclusion support services:

Study assistant

  • take notes
  • help you prepare for class or study
  • help structure, plan, and organize your studies
  • help create and maintain realistic schedules for exam preparation, term papers, and other coursework
  • It has proven to be particularly effective if the study assistant is a fellow student in the same degree program as the person submitting the adjustment application

Communication aids

  • sign language interpreting
  • speech-to-text-reporter

Technical aids

  • equipment for laptops or PC
  • software
  • Braille displays
  • FM systems and many more

Book allowance

  • Costs for books
  • work materials
  • allowance: 100 Euro per term