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Quiet Rooms

As TU Berlin, we offer our students with disabilities and chronic illnesses the opportunity to rest in the quiet rooms. There are no rooms that are used exclusively as “quiet rooms”. First aid rooms as well as parent-child rooms can be used as quiet rooms. The rooms are locked. The necessary keys can be collected from the porters or janitors in exchange for a signature and, in some cases, a deposit. There is neither a legal claim to the use nor to a certain equipment of the room.

quiet rooms / first aid rooms:
A 008
ACK 0271
C 0038
E-N 0059
EW 0009
F 009

H: on the first floor to the right of H 0105/Audimax and in H 7126
MA 449
MAR 0.004 This room is also a parent-child room.
TC: in the basement (UG), room number K111

TIB building 13b 7, between 1st and 2nd floor, room number Z 210. This room is also a parent-child room. Since the room is already firmly reserved on some days, it is advisable to inquire in advance. The necessary key can be obtained from Mrs. Gräßler on the 3rd floor, room 321, from the colleagues in room 303 or from the departments of Baustoffe und Bauchemie, Entwerfen und Konstruieren Verbundstrukturen und Entwerfen und Konstruieren Massivbau. Contact details of the departments of the Institute of Civil Engineering (Bauingenieurwesen).

BIB 036 Since the room is located on the first floor in the non-public area of the University Library, please contact the library staff. They will guide you to the room and unlock the door for you. You will need to present your disability ID, a medical note, or a certificate from the University confirming your academic adjustment. Please also have a look at the services to users with a disability or chronic illness of the university library.

An overview of the parent-child rooms can be found on the website of the Family Services Office.