I E - Academic Advising Service

Advising and Orientation Week from 17 to 21 April 2023

Make use of the experts at TU Berlin to answer your questions about the new semester. During Advising and Orientation Week, the University's central points of contact offer extended office hours for all newly enrolled and current students - presumably online and at the Campus Center at TU main building.This page provides an overview of which team can best assist you. We will update the extended hours during the next weeks. In the meantime, make use of the regular office hours.

Please refer to our tips below if you have never attended online office hours or require a sign language interpreter, speech-to-text reporter, or audio description.

Also be sure to check out your degree program's introductory event. You will have the chance to meet other new students and your lecturers and experienced students will be there to welcome you and show you how your degree program at TU Berlin works. The first events are scheduled for early October.

Questions about my study place

Student Info Services in the Office of Student Affairs will be present with the Undergraduate Admissions, Bachelor International, and Graduate Admissions teams to answer questions about:

  • Enrollment, decisions not to accept a study place, and exmatriculation
  • Student ID and Semesterticket, temporary transportation ticket
  • Re-registration, academic leave of absence, part-time studies

Regular advising hours:

Virtual office hours via Zoom: Mon, Tue, Thu 9-11 h

At the Campus Center: Tue and Thu 12-15 h

During the Orientation Week: updated soon

Advising services while studying

The Academic Advising Service provides assistance with all questions before, during, and after your studies, including:

  • Finding your way at university as well as the right points of contact
  • Shaping your studies and adapting them to your personal situation
  • Decisions and difficulties related to studying

The team can also advise on studying with children or with a disability or chronic illness, studying as a school student, as well as studying as a refugee.

Regular advising hours:

Virtual office hours via Zoom: Tue 10-12, Wed 15-17 h

At the Campus Center: Tue and Thu 12-15 h

and consultations by appointment: studienberatung(at)tu-berlin.de

During the Orientation Week: updated soon

Questions about career planning and entering the job market

The experts in the Career Service can help with

  • Searching and applying for jobs
  • Scholarships for internships abroad
  • Entering the German job market

They maintain contact with companies and help guide students on their way to work after graduation.

Regular advising hours:

Virtual office hour via Zoom: Thu 10:30 - 11:30 h (Meeting-ID: 635 3657 0813 | Kenncode: 829912)

Office hour on campus Raum ER 386: Wed 13 - 14:30 h

During the Orientation Week: updated soon



Technical problems with your IT account


Campus Management (ZECM) can help with answering questions about:

  • Creating or logging into your IT account
  • TAN procedure/two-factor authentication
  • Updating your password

The IT service desk in room EN 024 is open from 10 to 16 h Mon-Fri. Please check their website for notifications.

You can call the ZECM-Hotline +49 314 28000 Mon - Fri 9 to 16 h.

Questions about examinations

The exam teams for the individual degree programs in the Examination Office can answer questions about:

  • Registering and de-registering from examinations and final theses
  • Exam attempts and repeat examination deadlines
  • Transcript of records and certificates

Regular advising hours:

Virtual office hours via Webex: Tue and Thu 10-11 h

During the Orientation Week: updated soon

Questions about rights and obligations in a part-time job

such as

  • maximum of working hours in a side job
  • labor and social law issues (e.g. illness, insurance or taxes)
  • internships and self employment

The students@work experts will answer your questions.

Regular advising hours:

At the Campus Center: Tuesday from 12-15 h

During the Orientation Week: updated soon

During the Orientation Week: updated soon



How can I use the offers?

  1. Collect and write down your questions or concerns: What do you want to know or find out? What is your problem and how have you addressed it thus far?
  2. Take a look around our website, especially the general page about starting your studies: You may find the information you are looking for there!
  3. If you did not find what you are looking for, take a look above which office at TU Berlin is best suited to help you with your question. Use their services and offers.
  4. If you are uncertain or stuck, contact the Academic Advising Service.

What can I do so that my question is quickly and correctly resolved?

When writing us an email, make sure to always reply to or include previous correspondence so that no information is lost.

Make sure you have all relevant information such as your application number or matriculation number at hand, in case this is needed to resolve your issue.

When referring to emails, letters, websites, or your TU portal account, make sure you have these close by. These can contain details that allow us to assist you.

Attending open video office hours

How does Zoom work?

The online office hours during Orientation Week are held via Zoom. TU Berlin has adapted its license to data protection regulations (pdf, in German).

How exactly Zoom will look on your screen and which functions are available will depend on the type of event and how you join. You can download Zoom as an app to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also choose the option "Launch Zoom from browser." This will appear as a prompt in your browser.Google Chrome is the most stable, if you choose to join via browser.

Use this guide from Zoom to confirm your video and audio are working in a test session.

Joining a meeting and further steps

Step-by-step instructions: How to participate in a Zoom meeting

If a digital waiting room has been activated, you will be admitted individually to first clarify your question. Then, if necessary, the moderator will send you to a suitable advisor to further discuss your issue.

Please be aware that there may be extended waiting times in case of high demand. We will do our best to keep the waiting time as short as possible.


When you join video office hours, your microphone and your camera (if you have one) will be deactivated. Please activate your microphone by clicking on the microphone symbol in the menu so that you can be heard.

Our cameras will be on as we believe this creates a good foundation for a successful advising session. We invite you to do the same. However, we understand if you prefer not to use your camera.

Please note: In some cases, we may ask you to activate your camera to show us something or share your screen so that we are able to help you further.

Technical requirements

  • In general, you should find a quiet place where you won't be interrupted.
  • Headphones or headsets with a wire are better for the audio quality.
  • You need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a good Internet connection.
  • If your Internet connection isn't stable, you can also join by phone. Information on this can be found in the access information for the respective event and Zoom's help pages.
  •  Do a technology check beforehand to avoid any complications.


Respectful conduct and adherence to the general rules for online events are a basic requirement for participation.

This includes:

Screenshots and audio or video recordings (even partially) are only permitted with the express permission of involved parties in advance.

Insults, racist or sexist comments, and defamation of any kind as well as disruptions that are uncalled-for will not be tolerated.

We reserve the right to exclude participants from the event who fail to observe this as well as potentially pursue legal prosecution in the event of noncompliance.


Are services provided to ensure the event is accessible to all?

If you require a sign language interpreter, speech-to-text reporter, or an audio description, please contact Advising for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses as soon as possible to ensure sufficient time for the proper arrangements. A number of resources are also available to you during your studies at TU Berlin, such as academic adjustments and inclusion services.

I'm still learning German. Are any of the offers in another language?

All staff can speak and write in German and English during office hours and in email. Many colleagues are also fluent in other languages such as Arabic, French, Russian, Turkish, and more. Let us know if you require assistance.

  • Marker  Career Service (ER 386)
  • Marker  Campus Center