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Here you will find further services at the TU offering additional and thereby rather specialised assistance. In addition, helpful services from other institutions are presented that can also be used by TU students.

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For students who have any questions about studying at the TU

Academic Advising Service

You have questions or feel clueless when you think about studying?

We help you find your way. The Academic Advising Service supports you in getting oriented with everything related to your studies.


For students with disabilities and chronic illnesses

Advising service for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses

The advising service for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses informs, advises and supports prospective students, applicants and students with long-term or permanent impairments or illnesses. In a confidential setting, we consider your individual situation, find solutions and discuss further steps.



For student parents - and those who will soon be studying with child(ren)

Studying with children

Combining studies and parenthood can be a great challenge. The Academic Advising Service supports you in mastering your studies with child(ren). Here you will find initial information on studying with a child, e.g. on study organisation, exams, academic adjustment, leave of absence, part-time studies, etc.

We’re also here for you for personal counseling regardless of whether you’re already studying with a child, whether you’re taking a leave of absence for family reasons, or whether you will soon be a parent.

Für international students

International Student Counseling

TU's International Student Counseling offers counseling, supervisory, and practical services of all kinds in order to facilitate the transition to studies at the TU Berlin and in order to cope with all study-related or social problems and legal formalities connected with your stay.


International Student Advising by AStA

The International Student Advising is oganised by AStA (short for Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, the General Students’ Committee) and is available to assist and advise all international students with problems such as:

  • Your stay in Germany
  • Your studies
  • Your work
  • A professor or lecturer
  • The Immigration Office
  • Your landlord
  • A legal matter
  • Other issues

The advising team is made up of two students and one lawyer.

For students seeking career guidance or help with starting a career

Career Service

The Career Service supports students and graduates in their career orientation and successful transition into the job market through a wide range of offers such as individual coaching, counseling, alumni mentoring, practical projects, workshops, or CV check.



For doctoral students

Center for Junior Scholars

Das Center for Junior Scholars (CJS)  is the central institution for the advancement of junior scholars at Technische Universität Berlin.

The services for doctoral candidates and postdocs offers advice on administrative and organizational questions, the preparation of applications in the area of junior researchers as well as confidential counseling in case of problems or conflicts in the supervisor relationship.

In addition, it offers information on calls for scholarships and prizes, on trainings and workshops in transferable skills and on funding opportunities for travel and mobility.


For students interested in getting support by a mentor


You will face many challenges along the way as a student. These include starting out at university, everyday life as a student, dealing with exams, and making the transition from university to the working world. Students usually deal better with these situations if they have someone they can turn to for help and advice: mentors can fulfill this role.

TU Berlin offers mentoring programs for a range of target groups at different stages of their studies. Detailed information regarding our mentoring programs can be found here (Including programs for international students)

For employees of TU

Social counseling for employees

The Social Counseling Service provides individual and professional counseling and supports employees of TU in case of private or professional problems. The counseling is strictly confidential

Further services outside of TU

Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling at Studierendenwerk


Students from all Berlin universities can get free psychological counseling to overcome personal difficulties at the Counseling Center.


Self-help groups

In self-help groups, people with similar difficulties meet regularly over a longer period of time to talk without a therapist and work together on solving their problems. You can get addresses of self-help groups in Berlin from the Self-Help, Contact, and Information Point (Selbsthilfe, Kontakt- und Informationsstelle, SEKIS)

Writing Consultation at StudierendenWERK

StudierendenWERK's Writing Consultation offers a range of counselling and support services related to academic writing (including individual writing counselling, text feedback, workshop, writing groups, learning materials).


Lost in Space - if you are worried about your use of the internet (e.g. gaming, social media, streaming...)

Lost in Space offers counseling and support for anyone dealing with questions regarding excessive or addictive internet use (e.g. online and offline games, streaming of films, series and clips, excessive surfing, social networks, online pornography, online shopping addiction, gambling) and the associated effects (e.g. loss of job or flat, interruption of studies, social withdrawal).

Soulspace - for young people in crisis


Soulspace is an network of contact, counselling and treatment initiatives under one roof in Kreuzberg. The services are aimed at young people between the ages of 15 and 35.

Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen e.V.

KUB: Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen e.V.

KUB (Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen e.V.) supports refugees and migrants from all over the world. The center offers free advice services in various languages on asylum rights and rights of residence. They also provide assistance with mental health and social problems.

Center for Intercultural Psychiatry & Psychotherapy (ZIPP)

Center for Intercultural Psychiatry & Psychotherapy (ZIPP)

The ZIPP offers diagnostics, counseling, crisis intervention and treatment of acute and/or chronic mental health problems and focuses on all migrant groups. In addition to mother-tongue treatment, the sensitive and reflective use of professional language and cultural mediators (interpreters) is a central approach to enable treatment in all languages.


Zentrum für transkulturelle Psychiatrie

Zentrum für transkulturelle Psychiatrie (ZtP)

The treatment offered by the ZtP is aimed at refugees and people with a migration background with psychological stress.

In addition to English and French, treatment is also available in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, Greek and Farsi. Multilingual doctors, specialist staff and social workers ensure treatment.

Multilingual flyer of the ZtP 

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