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Questions and Answers on course attendance

Which courses may I attend?

In general, all courses at TU Berlin are open to guests. Therefore, lectures usually can be attended without any restrictions. However, there might be limitations for other types of courses (e.g. lab courses, seminars): Please get in touch with the respective staff, whether your attendance will be possible.

Do I have to register?

If you would like to visit a single lecture, this usually is possible without a registration. For smaller courses, e.g. seminars, you should get in touch with the teaching staff beforehand.

If you plan to attend a course for a whole semester, you should register as guest auditor with the Office of Student Affairs.

How do I find fitting courses?

You already have dicided for a study program:

On the study programs' websites you will find detailed information on the programs' contents and the courses that have to be attendend. Orientation is offered especially by the programs' structures and lists of modules.

The Course Directory will give you information about time and place of the chosen courses.

You do not have a certain program in mind and just want to dive in:

You could use the course directory of our program Study from 16: There you will find an overview of courses that are fitting for beginners.

Who is supporting me with finding courses?

The course guidance is right address for you, if you already have a certain study program in mind. There, fitting courses will be recommended and the courses' contents will be explained.

The Academic Advising can support you, if you are not quite sure, which study programs might be interesting for you. You also might contact us, if you would like to some orientation at the university in general.

What should I be aware of?

Attending a lecture can offer only a short insight into studying. Therefore, it might happen that you do not understand everything (especially, if you are not attending at the begin of a semester but some weeks later) or that consider a lecture rather boring. That does not have to mean, that the whole study program is not right for you. So, let's try to put your visit in a broader context: What is the course about generally? What kind of questions are dealt with? Does this appeal to me? How is the atmosphere in the program? Could I imagine to spend my time here?

If you got questions or if you are just unsure: Get in touch with Academic Advising!