I E - Academic Advising Service

Wegweiser Studium

Orientation and questions and answers about studying from the Academic Advising Service at Technische Universität Berlin

You know you want to study but are not yet sure what. Perhaps you are wondering what awaits you at the University. Or maybe you have been here for a while and are not sure if you made the right choice of degree program. Then again, you might want to find out how to prepare better for exams.

Our "Wegweiser Studium" program offers a number of events to help you find your way through the jungle that is studying at university and provides answers to your questions. We are there to help you, so please reach out to us and our expert advisors at TU Berlin with any concerns or questions you have.

"Wegweiser Studium" is there for anyone who wants to find out more about studying at TU Berlin and not just specific target groups.

All our events are currently offered online.

In addition to our live events, a number of info talks, videos and tutorials are also available at Podcasts and videos.