MINTgruen Pre-Study Orientation Program

Can’t decide whether a program in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM, in German: MINT) is the right choice for you?

Unsure whether you actually want to study or whether you could cope with a degree program?

Then give it a try and take the two-semester MINTgruen pre-study orientation program at Technische Universität Berlin!

On the MINTgruen pre-study orientation program, you’ll spend two semesters taking courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM; in German: MINT) and you can take exams to test your new knowledge.
You’ll attend special MINTgruen tutorials to deepen your knowledge, and practice applying it in the MINTgruen project labs, giving you an introduction to the issues, work techniques and methods in the STEM subjects.

The Wissenschaftsfenster module is an opportunity to explore current research issues in the STEM field and discuss sustainable development aspects. In the orientation module, you reflect on your experiences to achieve a solid basis on which to decide what you want to study.

If you go on to do a degree with us, you can get credit for any work and exams you did on the pre-study orientation program (if their content is appropriate).

General information

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What our students say

Firsthand accounts by (former) MINTgruen students about their experiences in the program

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Applying and enrolling

Everything you need to know about applying and enrolling for the MINTgruen pre-study orientation program

Studies and Teaching

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MINTgruen program structure

Like regular programs at TU Berlin, the MINTgruen pre-study orientation program is divided into compulsory modules, compulsory electives and non-compulsory electives.
Students can choose from a wide variety of subjects in line with their own interests and needs.

Where to get advice

Academic Advising Service

The Academic Advising Service is the first point of contact for prospective MINTgruen students and supports the students before and during their studies - with individual advising and public events.

Students can arrange a one-on-one meeting with an academic advisor to discuss their personal interests, goals and possibilities, and any challenges they’re facing during their studies.

So if you are unsure which program to take or whether the orientation program is the right fit for you, please contact the Academic Advising Service to get their advice.

MINTgruen program coordination

Anne Ostheimer

Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin
Sekr. IE

Email: koordination[at]

For organizational aspects related to the program (Laufzettel, transcripts, certificates etc.).

MINTgruen course guidance

For advice on planning your studies (day-to-day life in the program, sorting out your timetable, how the program is structured, etc.)

Fanny Schauenburg and Noah Savgu

Room: E 125 (second floor, through the glass door with the MINTgruen sticker/Innocampus)

To request a meeting, send an e-mail and the team will send you a time and date. Meetings can take place in person in room E 125 or on Zoom.

You’ll need a camera and a microphone for Zoom meetings.

Phone: (030) 314-29939

Email: fachberatung[at]

Mathematics mentoring for MINTgruen students

Mathematics is a vital part of STEM/MINT studies, but many students see it as an obstacle and have to put in a lot of hard work to overcome their difficulties.

Our aim on the mathematics mentoring team is to give students advice on how to cope with the challenges of the math modules.

More details can be found on the current ISIS MINTgruen mathematics mentoring page


Nele Labrenz (labrenz[at]