I E - Academic Advising Service

Periods of illness

Students who are unable to continue their studies as usual during a period of illness have the option to take one or more semesters of academic leave. You must request the leave of absence in your tuPORT account and upload documentation supporting your request.

When to submit the application:

Pursuant to Section 33 AllgStuPO, a leave of absence with sufficient reason and relevant proof may be requested together with your re-registration until four weeks after the start of the lecture period. Sufficient reason includes personal illness. Applications for a leave of absence submitted during the semester are only granted in exceptional cases, such as acute illness. These then apply retroactively for the entire semester. 

You can find detailed information about submitting an application, re-registration, and semester fees during a leave of absence on the page Academic leave of absence.

Important notes

Possible duration of a leave of absence

As a rule, a leave of absence is granted for one semester and a maximum of four semesters. In individual cases, this maximum limit can be extended if you provide proof of sufficient justification.

Participation in courses

Leaves of absence do not count as degree semesters but they do count towards your total number of semesters at the University. Furthermore, they may be used to gradually re-introduce a student back into their studies and into attending courses. 


During a leave of absence special regulations apply which you must observe:

If you are scheduled to submit a final thesis during the leave of absence and will be unable to submit the thesis on time, please submit an application for an extension providing the specific reasons for your application.

Are you registered for oral and written examinations during the leave of absence and would like to cancel your registration? In this case, you must actually cancel your registration as you will otherwise be marked as absent from the exam and receive a grade of 5.0.

Financial implications

Please inform yourself of any financial repercussions which may result before applying for a leave of absence. Students do not receive BAföG during leaves of absence. A leave of absence can also impact eligibility for child benefit, accommodation in the studierendenWERK’s dormitories, and employment status, if these require you to have student status.