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Guest Student Program for Refugees

Refugees who are entitled to study in their home-country but do not meet all admission requirements yet can register as guest students at TU Berlin. The guest student program offers insights into studying at the university and provides a chance to attend classes. According to §36 AllgStuPO it is possible to take exams and to acquire credits (ECTS) with permission of the lecturer. These ECTS can be recognized for subsequent studies later on.

Requirements for Participation

You may participate in the guest student program if you are generally qualified to study in Germany. For the registration in the guest student program you do not need official certificates (yet). You are also welcome to contact us if you are uncertain whether your educational background entitles you to take up university studies in Germany.

Most courses at TU Berlin, especially in the bachelor’s programs, are taught in German. There are also several courses in English. Therefore, language skills in German or English, depending on the field of studies you are interested in, are advisable to follow the courses.

Registration as a Guest Student within In(2)TU Berlin

If you are interested in taking part in the guest student program In(2)TU Berlin, please get in touch with the Academic Advising Service. Together we will discuss if our program is the right thing for you and we will show you which short- and long-term opportunities TU Berlin can offer you. Finally, we will tell you which further steps you need to take for compiling your individual study plan.

You can get in touch with us during our office hours without an appointment. If you wish to arrange an individual appointment (online, via phone or in person) please send us an email.

We can offer advice in both German and English language. If needed, we can also offer advising in other languages. We look forward to meeting you!

Digital In(2)TU Berlin course

Our online In(2)TU Berlin course is part of the guest student program for refugees at TU Berlin. The course aims to support with orientation and provides information on the following topics:

  • Orientation in the academic system
  • Choosing a degree program
  • Organizing studies
  • Applying at TU Berlin
  • Preparing for exams etc.

It is possible to get access to the course without being a participant in the guest student program for refugees. To receive the enrollment key and to discuss your questions, we would like to invite you to join our open office hours (online or in person) at the Academic Advising Service.



Academic Advising for refugee students


Building Hauptgebäude
Room H 0070
Address Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin
Digital advising sessionWed 15:00-17:00
On campus (H 0070)Tue 10-12, Thu 14-16
Additional advising sessionsby appointment via email


What does In(2)TU Berlin contain?

The guest student program In(2)TU Berlin contains an online course and regular information sessions. Participants can attend courses from the bachelor’s and master’s programs offered at TU Berlin, and, according to §36 AllgStuPO, also take exams. These exams and ECTS may be recognized when enrolling as a regular student at a later stage. Moreover, participants of the guest student program for refugees can use the IT services, the library, and the study spaces of TU Berlin.

What the program looks like exactly depends on your educational background as well as on your individual situation and plans. Together with the contact persons at the university, each participant compiles his or her individual study plan. This plan may contain the attendance of courses from a certain study program. But you may also just attend the In(2)TU Berlin online course or use the learning facilities of TU Berlin.

Who may participate in In(2)TU Berlin?

In(2)TU Berlin is designed for people who were forced to discontinue their educational careers in their home countries and would now like to study at TU Berlin, but do not yet meet all the admission requirements.

Anyone who is generally qualified to study may participate. So if you have completed secondary education in your home country, already begun studying, or even completed a degree, In(2)TU Berlin might be your path to TU Berlin!

How do I sign up?

If you would like to participate in In(2)TU Berlin, start by contacting the Academic Advising Service. In a personal interview, we will work together with you to see what options you might have at TU Berlin, what path you might take to a regular course of study, and whether participating in In(2)TU Berlin is (currently) worthwhile.

You can visit our open video office hours or arrange an individual appointment (by telephone/Zoom) with us by email.

Does In(2)TU Berlin have a fixed application period?

No, you can start at any time. Of course, it’s a good idea to start In(2)TU Berlin at the beginning of the semester. To do so, you should register until the beginning of the lecture period.

Do I need a specific level of language proficiency to participate in In(2)TU Berlin?

Most courses at TU Berlin are in German, especially in the bachelor’s programs. There are also a few English courses, mostly on the master’s level. Therefore, good knowledge of German or English is advisable. But we don’t test for a specific level of language proficiency.

Do I need a specific residence status for In(2)TU Berlin?

In(2)TU Berlin is open for prospective students with a refugee background. If you are not sure whether participating in In(2)TU is an option for you, please get in touch with us directly.

Do I need to pay any fees to participate in In(2)TU Berlin?

No. The participation is free of charge.

What certificates do I need to sign up for In(2)TU Berlin?

You don’t need any official documents to sign up for In(2)TU Berlin.

But these will be important for your application to a regular degree program at TU Berlin. So while you’re participating at In(2)TU Berlin, we’ll help you figure out which documents you’ll need and what might be missing.

What is the purpose of participating in In(2)TU Berlin?

As an In(2)TU Berlin participant, you get an idea of what it is like to study at TU Berlin: you can attend classes, meet other students, and get back in touch with your subject area. You can refresh your skills and fill in gaps. You get to know the university system and all important contact people to start the regular degree course with us. If you take exams you can have the ECTS recognized for a susequent degree program at a later stage.

Also, as an In(2)TU Berlin participant, you may use TU Berlin’s infrastructure. For example, you’ll receive an IT account and you can use the library, and the study spaces of TU Berlin.

Which courses may I attend as an In(2)TU Berlin participant?

In general, the entire course catalog of TU Berlin is open to you - provided there is space in the courses and it makes sense for you to attend them. When you sign up, discuss which courses are suitable for you with your contact person at the faculty.

Do I have to attend courses every week as a participant of In(2)TU Berlin?

For most courses at TU Berlin attendance isn’t compulsory. However, to follow a course, you should be able to attend it on a regular basis, especially if you would like to take an exam. If you are short of time, you can e.g., just attend the online orientation course or individual sessions of the subject-specific courses.

As an In(2)TU Berlin participant, may I take exams?

Yes, according to §36 AllgStuPO, participants of In(2)TU Berlin can take exams as long as the lecturer agrees to it.

If you pass exams as an In(2)TU Berlin participant, you can get them recognized for a subsequent degree program at TU Berlin. So you don’t need to take the exams twice.

It is not compulsory, however, to take exams. It is also possible to use In(2)TU Berlin just for the attendance of lectures or the online orientations course.

Is it possible to extend the participation in In(2)TU Berlin after one semester?

Yes. The participation in the guest student program can be extended if necessary. Please get in touch with us if you wish to continue.