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Options after the Abitur

The video on the German version of this site sums up possible next steps for "Abitur" graduates in the German system.
It also lists helpful questions for anyone wondering what is next after school and considering university studies:


Ask yourself, where you want to head:

  • Which topics and content are you interested in?
  • What ideas about work life do you have in mind?


If you are wondering whether studying is the right thing for you...

Do you think you possess the skills essential for studying at university?

  • Logical reasoning
  • Dealing with a topic independently and long-term for several weeks or months
  • Motivation
  • Curiosity
  • The ability to express yourself well in writing and speaking
  • Trust and belief in yourself

To approach your studies successfully it is especially helpful to know what motivates you.


Things to expect and manage:

  • Self-responsibility
  • Learning and studying
  • Organization and self-management
  • Funding
  • Getting involved
  • Having fun


Who to ask?

Since these keywords only provide a rough break down, you may want to ask more detailed questions or discuss your ideas with experts.
Whenever you want to gain closer insight into a specific study program at TU Berlin, Course Guidance is offered by students and can therefore give you detailed insights into course content and student life. If you have general questions about studying and orientation at TU Berlin, get in touch with the Academic Advising Service.

Academic Advising Service


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