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Study @ home

The infotalk on the German version of this site discusses typical challenges students encounter during university studies like procrastination, developing good learning strategies or handling stress management. It highlights more specific problems online studies during a pandemic may bring along like feelings of isolation or loss of motivation. TU Berlin's Psychological Counseling team hands you strategies, tools and contacts that are helpful resources in tackeling these. Therefore the major aspects of this talk remain relevant despite classes returning to campus in winter semester 2021/22.

Check out the tips and resources provided by TU Berlin's Academic Advising Service for studies at home.

Find out about the offers by Psychological Counseling, including an emergency plan for acute crises.

If these topics ring a bell and you wish to recieve individual counseling on these matters, contact us! 
Send a mail to psychologische-beratung(at)tu-berlin.de to request an appointment. Our team speaks German and English.