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Coach strategy for Berlin

The project "Coach Strategy for Berlin" (project duration: 04.2021 to 10.2022) is funded by the Berlin Programme for Sustainable Development (BENE) with funds from the European Regional Development Fund and the State of Berlin.
(Funding reference 1317-B5-O)

 Nationaler Radverkehrsplan 2020 © Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur

Safety effects of different types of cycling on pedestrian traffic at junctions, on homogeneous routes and at bus stops (SAFENESS)

While the likelihood of a safety-relevant conflict between cyclists and pedestrians was low when the volume of cycling was low, these constellations pose new challenges that have not been addressed in the development of current regulations and the state of research. Previous research projects, and the design recommendations based on them, have focused primarily on the interaction between cyclists and motor vehicles. The primary objective of the research project is therefore to extend the existing design recommendations to include those aspects that address the interaction between cyclists and pedestrians. The project will provide results on which design parameters of cycling infrastructure have a positive or negative effect on the occurrence of accidents, the risk of accidents and the potential for conflict between cyclists and pedestrians. The aim is to identify correlations between infrastructure constraints, traffic loads, mode behaviour and the occurrence of conflicts and accidents. On the basis of the identified correlations, comprehensive recommendations will be generated to enable the inevitable interactions between cycling and walking with a low safety risk.