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If you no longer feel able to fulfill your professional duties as a result of physical or psychological problems, a medical rehabilitation could be a good option for you to restore your wellbeing.

Rehabilitation aims to improve or restore your health and your capacity to work as well as prevent you having to end your working life earlier than planned. Rehabilitation can take place on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

You should apply (together with your doctor) for rehabilitation to the responsible funding agency. The responsible funding agencies are your statutory health insurer, statutory pension insurer and statutory accident insurer and, for civil servants, your private health insurer.

You can submit your application to any of these. The agency will then check to see if they are responsible within two weeks and forward your application to the responsible agency if not. Your application must then be processed; a further forwarding is not possible.

Social Counseling for Staff will gladly help you complete the form. A rehabilitation measure following a hospital stay is applied for by the doctors who treated you there as well the hospital’s resident social service. Social Counseling focuses mainly on those rehabilitation measures falling within the responsibility of your statutory pension insurer intended to enable you to maintain or improve your capacity to work or to check whether a reduction in pension payments applies as a result of a 100 percent or partial reduction in earning capacity.

Rehabilitation via your pension insurer

Requirements for a rehabilitation

Requirements for a rehabilitation via your pension insurer

  • Your capacity to work is compromised or reduced in terms of your ability to perform and/or fulfill your function
  • You have completed the minimum insurance period. Depending on the rehabilitation program, this could be any where between 5 and 15 years. In some cases, however, it is sufficient to have paid statutory pension contributions for at least 6 calendar months in the two years prior to applying.
  • Your last rehabilitation was at least 4 years ago (exceptions are possible in urgent cases)
  • The following exclusions apply
    - Civil servants do not qualify, 
    - work accidents, occupational illnesses or injuries within the meaning of social compensation law (e.g. war injuries),
    - in the case of old-age pension (in the case of partial pension, at least two thirds of the full pension, i.e. 66.6667%), except for oncological rehabilitation
    - if a custodial sentence is being served
  • You must be in sufficiently good health to actively participate in a rehabilitation. As a minimum, you must be able to perform the following tasks independently: personal hygiene, eating and walking as well as participating in group therapies.

How to apply

How to apply

  • Forms:
    - Online at  (rehab application)
    - Appointments with your statutory pension insurer can be made by telephone at 0800 1000 4800 (free service number)
    - By email at info(at)
    • Online forms for completion online or to download
      - G0100 Application for benefits for participation for insured persons - rehabilitation application
      - G0110 Annex to the application for medical rehabilitation
      - G0115 Self-assessment form
      - G0120 AUD (incapacity to work) supporting document (to be completed by your health insurer)
      - S0051 Medical report (to be completed by the relevant specialist or general practitioner)
      - S0050 Doctor's fee for the DRV (to be completed by the specialist or general practitioner),
      - Include all medical and hospital reports with your application,
      - Right of choice
      (Letter stating which clinic you prefer for treatment - decisions are at the discretion of the insurer.)

Addresses of pension insurers

Addresses of pension insurers