Institute of Sociology
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Research Focuses

Our research is characterized by two overarching focuses: social science spatial research and social science innovation research. The latter engages with the development and implementation of technical and social innovations as well as their structures, meanings and consequences

and combines research on this topic from the areas of the sociology of technology, organizational sociology, sociology of knowledge, economic sociology and sociology of space. Our work in the area of spatial research explores the genesis, structures and effects of purposefully designed space

by combining research in the sociology of planning and architecture, urban and spatial sociology, the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of technology with the planning perspectives of architecture, urban and regional planning and geography.

In addition, our institute has distinctive thematic research focuses in the areas of the sociology of knowledge, economic and organizational sociology and the analysis of the digitalization of the world of work. To advance these, we are constantly developing new theories and methods of empirical social research and testing them in application.