Institute of Sociology
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Our History

Sociology at Technische Universität Berlin can look back on an extraordinarily long history, albeit it one with many hiatuses. Even before the Second World War, an institute for industrial sociology was established at TU Berlin’s predecessor institution. Founded in 1928 by Götz Brief, it was the fourth institute of sociology to be established at a German university. From the outset, it sought to link social science and technical science education. The institute was shut down by the National Socialists. After the war, a chair of sociology was re-established as part of the foundation of Technische Universität Berlin, with an independent master's program in sociology introduced in 1969. A short time after, the Institute of Sociology (social sciences together with social psychology and political sciences) was established - again with the aim of forging a link with technical and planning sciences. The combined efforts to maintain the Institute throughout the turbulence of the 1990s (budget crisis, structural adjustment) met with unexpected success and a new Diplom degree in Sociology and Technology Studies was set up, starting in winter semester 2001 with 45 students.

Today, the Institute consists of nine academic chairs and is the only institution in Berlin to offer a fundamental sociological education in the consecutive bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Sociology and Technology Studies, which started in winter semester 2007.