Institute of Sociology

General Information

The Institute of Sociology at Technische Universität Berlin offers degree programs that are unique in Germany and is further characterized by its research strengths as well as a productive and discursive working culture that is also reflected in our teaching.

  • Studying at the Institute of Sociology combines a sound sociological education with knowledge from the technical sciences as well as the chance to take a broad range of elective modules. This qualifies our students for the professional challenges they will face in a digitalized, capitalist society.  
  • Research at the Institute of Sociology focuses on two main areas: space and innovation. The Institute is currently home to the Collaborative Research Center “Re-Figuration of Spaces, the Global Center of Spatial Methods for Urban Sustainability” (GCSMUS), the Graduate School “Innovationsgesellschaft heute” and the Einstein Professorship for the digitalization of work environments as well as several research groups and many research projects.
  • The working culture in teaching as well as in research at our institute is characterized by productive exchange at all levels: Teaching is interactive and involves discussions between instructors and students. There is a close supervisory relationship between students and lecturers. Regular teaching conferences promote a collaborative further development of the courses we offer. The Institute colloquium and the many other colloquia involving our academic chairs enable exchange on current research. Regular meetings between the academic chairs promote joint research activities as well as the strategic development of the Institute. An active sociology student initiative (Soz:Ini) helps students network with one another.