Service-centric Networking

Learning Outcomes

In the project workshop, the following competences in the methodical and content-related processing of apps / web apps are to be taught:

  • Planning and conceptual design of software-based solutions for everyday student problems
  • Basics of modern project management (especially agile project development using SCRUM)
  • Use of Kanban boards
  • Basics of user interface design ("best practices" of app design)
  • Development of competences in programming (main topic)
  • Software-based implementation of own concept ideas
  • Independent solving of simple informatics problems
  • Regular analysis and evaluation of the current progress in the project, self-reflection in relation to the respective current progress and the challenges still to come


The participants will practically implement several of their own app ideas in the course of the module. In doing so, they will gain competences in the following areas of app development:

Conceptual design of (web) apps:

  • Idea generation for apps / web apps
  • Developing complete software concepts from an idea

Introduction to user interface design:

  • Acquiring basic knowledge of user interface design
  • Best practices in UI and UX design
  • Working with design software
  • Designing your own (web) app concept

Programming of (web) apps (main topic):

  • Building up skills in programming and using frond-end frameworks
  • Independent solving of simple informatics problems
  • Software-based implementation of one's own (web) app concept

Module Components

The following course is mandatory for the module:     
Project-oriented app and web developmentPJ41106WS/ SSGerman4

Workload and Credit Points

Project-oriented app and web development   
Effort  Total
Preparation/ Postprocessing15.08.0h120.0h

The effort of the module adds up to 180.0 hours. Thus, the module comprises 6 credit points.

Description of the teaching and learning forms

Participants of the module work on their own app idea in small groups throughout the semester.
The main part of the course consists of 4-hour weekly meetings and the associated preparation and follow-up.

The weekly meeting usually consists of two different sections:

  • Theoretical imparting of new specialist knowledge by the student assistant.
  • Subsequent practical work on a (web) app concept within the project groups.

In this way, the participants get the opportunity to use the new expertise directly and project-related.

Requirements for participation and examination

Desirable prerequisites for participation in the courses:
The module is open to students of all disciplines. Interest in interdisciplinary group work and app development is desired.

Mandatory prerequisites for module examination registration: not specified

Module completion

ungradedPortfolio Exam (100 points)German 
Examination ElementsPointsCategoryDuration
Project development and final presentatio70practise60min
Intermediate presentation30oral30min

Portfolio examination: 100 points in total.

These consist of an intermediate and a final presentation of the self-selected app idea:

30 points for the interim presentation:
The participating groups present their developed app concepts as well as the corresponding app designs they have developed. The app design and the conceptual elaboration of the app idea are tested here against the concepts taught in the previous lessons.

70 points for the final project elaboration and final presentation:
At the end of the semester, each group presents their (web) app in a final presentation and also hands in the written code. Both the code and the entire elaboration of the project are also considered here from the point of view of the competences taught in the semester.

The module is passed with 50 portfolio points or more.

Duration of the Module

The following number of semesters is estimated for taking and completing the module: 1 semester.

This module can be started in the following semesters: Winter and Summer semester.

Maximum Number of Participants

The maximum capacity of students is 15.

Registration Procedures

Register for the corresponding ISIS course.
Details on exam registration will be announced at the first appointment.

Recommended reading, Lecture notes

Teaching materials are made available via the ISIS platform.