Service-centric Networking

Overview Webtechnologies

1. Introduction and Motivation - main components of the WWW and its evolutionary development over the last few decades

2. HTTP, HTML and DNS - an overview of the main parts of the WWW

3. Communication on the web - interaction of TCP, HTTP and DNS

4. Webpages - structuring and design of web content using HTML and CSS

5. Websites - linking and navigation of websites

6. Web Applications - an overview of AJAX - asynchronous communication, JavaScript and XML

7. Web Security - HTTPS and SSL

8. Web tracking - cookies and their use

9. Current and future developments - HTML 5, HTTP 2.0 and RDF

These contents are conveyed in the lecture and deepened in exercise groups


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Target Group

The module is a compulsory course in the bachelor's media informatics and is also offered as a compulsory elective module.


LectureFridayOctober 21, 2022 - February 17, 202310:00 - 12:00 o' clockEB 301/ Online


Regular participation in a tutorial is compulsory for passing this module. In order to be assigned to an exercise, you need to log in to the MOSES account and indicate your preferences.

The exact exercise sequence is presented in the first lecture. Slides, materials and exercise sheets will be published on ISIS during the semester.


The module is concluded with a written exam. The registration for the written examination requires the achievement of an admission criterion. This and all other details are explained in the first lecture.

The exam registration is binding and in the event of an unexcused no-show, the exam is deemed to have been failed.