Service-centric Networking

Blockchain Technology

The blossom of Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technoligies (DLT) in general have generated novel opportunities in various technological and economic fields. New paradigms emerge from their unique characteristics such as distributed consensus, byzantine fault tolerance and immutability. Hereby, DLTs facilitate eliminating trusted intermediaries by distributing trust among participants. As a result, not only digital (crypto-) currencies have emerged, but more complex use cases such as identity, asset and supply chain management have gained attention. SNET is working on these cutting edge topics from a technologic and service perspective. It includes applications on public as well as permissioned ledgers, analysis of DLT structures and distributions in token networks. Furthermore, research focuses on enhanced protocols and mechanisms in applications and DLTs alike.


  • Dr. Sebastian Göndör
  • Patrick Herbke
  • Aljoscha Schulte
  • Friedhelm Victor
  • Martin Westerkamp
  • Hakan Yildiz



  • Identity Chain
  • DIMS
  • Gravity
  • The Token Gallery