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Werk 4.0

The project "Vom konventionellen Produktionswerk zum resilienten Kompetenz-Werk durch Industrie 4.0" (Werk 4.0) deals with the creation of flexible manufacturing solutions at the project partner Mercedes Benz AG in order to strengthen the capabilities of the production location Marienfelde and to serve as a blueprint for the automotive sector and other industries. The objectives of the project include shortening time to market, easy update capabilities for manufacturing and assembly operations, flexibility in plant processes, and strengthening business collaboration and the human worker. The project aims to develop and implement a resilient production concept by integrating digital technologies to enable faster adaptations to unpredictable changes in market and technology requirements.The chair SNET of TU Berlin is involved in the development of an end-to-end digital process chain. Based on the part development, the process chain can derive the configurations for the production machines in real time, so that the parts are always manufactured correctly. The aim is to design the configurations in such a way that different manufacturing processes or production machines from different manufacturers can be used to produce a part.

Period:01/ 2023 - 12/ 2025 
Team Members:Kai Grunert, Wolf Rieder 
Students:Lucas Gold, Winnie Lam, Felipe Trost 
Partner:Mercedes-Benz AG, WvSC, pi4_robotics GmbHMetraLabs GmbH, 5thIndustry GmbH, Cybus GmbH, EKS InTec GmbHASCon Systems Holding GmbH, Gestalt Robotics GmbH, IBM Deutschland GmbH, Fraunhofer-Institut, TU Berlin, TU Dresden
Funding by:Federal Ministry of Education practical and Research (BMBF)