Service-centric Networking


The TRAPEZE (TRAnsparency, Privacy and security for European citiZEns) project aims to drive a cultural shift in the protection of the European data economy by weaving trust into its very foundation and reconstructing the concepts of control, transparency, and compliance through technical and methodological, citizen-first, innovations.


Driven by the needs of three distinct real-world use cases, TRAPEZE brings together over a decade worth of EU-funded research in security and privacy, as well as proprietary solutions and know-how, towards realistic and marketable solutions. We will develop technologies which: (i) empower citizens with the necessary tools and know-how to manage their security and privacy and actively contribute to the cyber resilience of the common European data space; (ii) enforce the integrity and nonrepudiation of citizens’ data usage policies and processing across data sources and controllers’ borders; (iii) dynamically acquire citizens’ consent and adjust their data policies in real time in response to their changing circumstances; (iv) protect citizens’ online communications and applications running on their personal devices against malicious agents; and (v) provide citizens, as well as other relevant stakeholders (including controllers, CERTs/CSIRTs, and data protection authorities) with a comprehensible overview of transborder data lineage and flows, as well as proof of legal compliance, even in big data environments. By relying on Linked Data and Blockchain, TRAPEZE will lead the way in putting the often-misplaced cutting-edge technologies to practical use and become a lighthouse for European and global initiatives aiming to deliver privacy-aware innovations. Finally, to ensure citizens of all groups can have an active role in the protection of their data flows, TRAPEZE will place a special emphasis on usability and co-production, involving European citizens directly in the development of its security- and privacy-enhancing technologies.

Period:09/ 2020 - 08/ 2023  
Team Member:Philip Raschke  
Partner:TenForce BVBA, Belgium (coordinator) ERCIM – European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, FranceTechnische Universität Berlin (TU-Berlin), Germany Informatie Vlaanderen Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Labs, Germany CAIXABANK SA, SpainConsorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica (CINI), Italy Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz, Germany KASPERSKY LAB ITALIA SRL, ItalyInstitute Mihajlo Pupin , Serbia IPSOS BELGIUM SA, Belgium Athens Technology Centre S.A., Greece E-Seniors Association, France
Funding by:European Commission, H2020