Service-centric Networking


The European Commission is expanding the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) to establish trustworthy digital transactions between governments, citizens, and companies. EBSIs' expansion includes integrating European digital identity under the new eIDAS 2.0 regulation with a focus on the traceability of products.

SNET is an initiator and part of the research consortium TRACE4EU. The research focus is the traceability of seafood, agrifood, halloumi, and batteries to provide proof of origin. Furthermore, TRACE4EU covers solutions for the secure traceability of transactions and documents, ensuring transparency and long-term preservation in decentralized ecosystems. TRACE4EU has the potential to impact traditional industries and will begin its pilot in April 2023. The project also aims to promote recommendations for developing the EBSI ecosystem through engagement with pan-European stakeholders.

Team Members:Patrick Herbke 
Funding by:European Commission - Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)