Service-centric Networking

Robin Klemens






Scientific Career

Robin Klemens is an external research assistant and Ph.D. candidate at Service-centric Networking. In 2019 he achieved his Master's degree in Production Engineering with a major in Automation and Information Technology from TU Berlin. In his master thesis, he developed a secure blockchain-based communication model for the industrial internet of things

Robin worked for almost two years in the Blockchain Department of Deutsche Bahn and gathered extensive experience developing blockchains solutions at a consortial level.

Since early 2020, Robin has used his blockchain engineering skills to contribute to stopping climate change. He is co-chair of the Hyperledger Climate Action and Accounting SIG, which supports the development of an open global climate accounting system. Also, he is actively contributing to various open-source projects such as Hyperledger Indy and the Hperledger lab Blockchain Carbon Accounting.

Research Interests

  • Blockchain Technology