Service-centric Networking

SNET - Team

Attention, please!

Due to reconstruction work on the telephone system, we can currently only be reached by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding!

Head of Chair

Research Assistants

Name Title Email Phone Room
Cory, Thomas Franklin Thomas Franklin Cory 8353-54317Room: TEL
Dinh Tuan, Hai Hai Dinh Tuan 835354389Room: TEL
Eichinger, Tobias Sul Gi Tobias Sul Gi Eichinger +49 30 314-54212Room: TEL
Grunert, Kai Kai Grunert 835358143Room: TEL
Göndör, Sebastian Dr. Sebastian Göndör Dr. 835358166Room: TEL
Herbke, Patrick Patrick Herbke Room: TEL
Katsarou, Aikaterini Aikaterini Katsarou 835354249Room: TEL
Lorbeer, Boris Boris Lorbeer 8353-58386Room: TEL
Mora Martinez, Maria Maria Mora Martinez 8353-58367Room: TEL
Pandey, Sanjeet Raj Sanjeet Raj Pandey Room: TEL
Philipp, Artur Raphael Artur Raphael Philipp Room: TEL
Raschke, Philip Philip Raschke 8353-58353Room: TEL
Rodriguez Garzon, Sandro Dr. Sandro Rodriguez Garzon Dr. 8353-58679Room: TEL
Schulte, Aljoscha Carl Aljoscha Carl Schulte Room: TEL
Sechting, Christian Rene Christian Rene Sechting 8353 54293Room: TEL
Victor, Friedhelm Friedhelm Victor 54212Room: TEL
Westerkamp, Martin Martin Westerkamp 835354282Room: TEL 303
Yildiz, Hakan Hakan Yildiz 8353-54235Room: TEL
Elsholz, Sophia Patrizia
Ruban, Anna
Lukyanovich, Nastassia
Lazreg, Yassine

External Doctoral Candidates

Robin Klemens
Bianca Lüders
Philip Toepffer
Sebastian Zickau