Service-centric Networking

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The Service-centric Networking (SNET) chair at TU Berlin was founded in 2009 and is headed by Prof. Dr. Axel Küpper. It is an endowed chair of T-Labs, a public-private partnership of TU Berlin and Deutsche Telekom AG.

Our focus is on application-oriented research on decentralized and distributed service platforms on the Internet and other telecommunications networks, as well as in related research areas such as data science and data protection. In this context, we are engaged in the research and further development of enabling technologies for innovative and disruptive services, such as distributed ledgers and blockchains, cloud computing, and mobile computing. We pursue the goal of identifying and demonstrating the opportunities and potentials of enabling technologies for diverse application domains, as well as prototypically implementing the enabling technologies in domain-specific services and evaluating them under various aspects such as privacy, scalability, reliability, interoperability, and sustainability.

Since the foundation of the chair, we have successfully conducted research on these and other topics in more than 50 publicly and privately funded projects, addressing a wide variety of application areas such as telecommunications, Industry 4.0, social networks, administration and education, finance, urban mobility, and electronic commerce.

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