Mechanics, with specialization in Structural and Computational Mechanics

Continuum Mechanics

  • WS 23/24 - Module is offered by Department of System Dynamics and Friction Physics (Prof. V. Popov)
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Learning Outcomes

Understand the essential fundamentals of continuum mechanics in terms of solid mechanics and fluid mechanics, which facilitates deeper penetration into the individual disciplines. Students will be able to calculate the continuum vibration and shaft displacement problem in structural elements and understand fundamentals of hydrodynamic and hydraulic systems.

Course contents

- Equations of motion of continua - wave equation, solution approaches of d'Alembert and Bernoulli - continuum vibrations (strings, beams, plates, membranes) - basics of hydromechanics: Hydrostatics, streamline theory of an ideal fluid, Bernoulli's equation, momentum theorem, simple viscous flows.