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What will the winter semester look like at TU Berlin?

The Executive Board of TU Berlin has published a bulletin to inform all members of the University of the regulations and plans for the upcoming semester before the end of the summer semester lecture period. Topics addressed include teaching, first-semester issues, examinations, advising services, and tools and support for online teaching and studying. The aim is to provide guidelines for teaching and studying from today’s perspective and with the current hygiene regulations in mind. “TU Berlin places a high value on the quality of its teaching. The University expects that the quality of its teaching will be maintained even under difficult circumstances. Our aim is therefore to provide as complete a program as possible and to enable students to use libraries, study areas, PC labs and foyer areas for the purpose of studying.

In addition to fulfilling our teaching duties, however, our other main priority is ensuring that nobody becomes infected. As long as there is no vaccination available and a high risk of infection exists, the regulations regarding distancing and hygiene continue to apply. We must prevent larger numbers of people gathering on the campus and in the University’s buildings and rooms.

The Executive Board would like to thank all members of the University for their hard work in making the digital summer semester possible: “Providing a teaching program for this summer semester was a huge achievement and one which placed a great strain on all involved, whether students, teachers or staff with supporting roles. Despite having to improvise so much, we succeeded in providing an almost complete teaching program. That this was possible was due to the commitment, expertise and targeted cooperation shown by the academic chairs, institutions, faculties and central institutes. The summer semester has provided fresh evidence of what members of TU Berlin can achieve when working together and supporting one another. Many units have been working under great pressure and there is little prospect of the situation easing in the winter semester. We regret that we are unable to compensate fully for the increased workload and would like to thank all members of TU Berlin for their remarkable dedication.”

The bulletin published by the Executive Board on 20.07.2020 can be read in full at: