When working from home is the new normal

What was previously inconceivable is now suddenly the new reality worldwide: Countless people in many organizations, universities, and administration are working from home at a moment’s notice. The possibilities, productivity, and satisfaction with this work are, naturally, assessed differently by each individual. In a global study, Professor Dr. Søren Salomo, head of the Chair of Technology and Innovation and Management at TU Berlin, aims to evaluate and systematize these experiences and findings. As a starting point, a data-protection compliant survey from the Technical University of Denmark is currently being conducted in eleven different countries. TU Berlin is the partner for Germany’s participation.

“Our goal is to collect and analyze the experiences of those working from home,” says Søren Salomo. “What works well or not so well? Which practices are establishing themselves in which occupational groups and why? What experiences are worth preserving, including after the corona crisis? How are students handling this unusual situation?,” says Salomo, summarizing the survey. 

The questionnaire is open to all and can be filled out online in just a few minutes. Most of the questions are multiple choice while a few allow participants to elaborate on their personal experiences. Due to the individually different starts of the periods of working from home, initial analyses are also possible over time: How did workers’ perception of work change after one, two, or three weeks of working from home? All data are collected anonymously so that answers cannot be traced back to a single person.

“After we have received sufficient data, the findings will be continuously and quickly assessed and broadly publicized. Interesting findings are available from Denmark after evaluating the first 1000 responses: According to the data collected, digital-savvy employees have experienced an increase in productivity since working from home,” says Salomo

Anyone can participate in the study.

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