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Update on Energy-Saving Measures - End-of-Year Closure

We could save a lot of energy by closing our buildings over Christmas and New Year. Heating and ventilation can be significantly reduced and all lighting switched off. We are currently considering the following options: Shutting down energy in TU buildings from the afternoon of 16 December 2022 until 2 January 2023. The process of switching back on energy would run from 2 January until the morning of 4 January 2023. Thereafter, the buildings would be available for use again. Here too, we would, of course, take account of special requirements for research etc. In the period from 19 December 2022 up to and including 3 January 2023, teaching would take place in digital format. Closing our buildings does not mean that staff will be required to take leave. Instead, the TU Berlin/Staff Council agreement on mobile working is to be applied or the option to use any hours you are in credit.

Please note: A final decision concerning this has not yet been reached. The faculties will first be consulted and discussions will be held with staff representatives. Thereafter, we will inform you in good time of our final decision.