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Update Regarding Services Offered by the Examination Office

updated 11 June 2021 at 08:51

The TU Berlin Examination Office has resumed some of the services impacted by the IT attack. We hope to provide further services soon.

For students:

Access to the POS database has been restored allowing the Examination Office to issue certificates again. Degree certificates can also be issued. However, please expect a significant delay as some grades still need to be recorded.

The SAP system has not yet been restored. We are unable to respond to inquiries which require access to SAP.

Please note:

Please include your name, matriculation number, and study program and degree when making inquiries.

For reasons of data privacy, personal data can only be sent to TUB email addresses. We therefore kindly request you to contact us using your TUB account only. Due to the cyberattack, it is not currently possible to override email forwarding. If you set up forwarding to a private email address, then please also include your TUB email address in CC.

For instructors/examination boards:

You can once again send grades, grade lists, and evaluations to the Examination Board.

Applications, such as for final theses, are being processed. However, this will take some time. Please expect a delay.


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