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TU Berlin Calls for Respectful and Sensitive Conduct among Members of the University

This is not normal.*

TU Berlin would like to express its unconditional support for all those who suffer discrimination and violence on the basis of ethnic, religious or physical ascriptions or their sexual orientation, age, gender, or nationality. It denounces any and all behavior motivated by racism and attempts to discriminate.

Effective protection against and support in cases of discrimination are fundamental to equal treatment, participation, and appreciation at our university as for all of humankind. TU Berlin does not regard antidiscrimination as only a legal obligation, but rather an essential step to enable the full expression of diversity.

Categories of social attributions such as age, disability, chronic illness, ethnic origin, gender, social background, sexual orientation, religion, and political or other opinion continue to lead to discrimination and exclusion in education. TU Berlin is fully committed to a critical stance on discrimination and to the greatest possible equality of opportunity. The University strives to achieve this every day and thanks its members, who also demonstrate their commitment to this aim in various ways.

Ensuring equal opportunities is an issue that concerns us all. TU Berlin pursues the goal of being an inclusive institution. For this reason, University governance would like to once again emphasize the importance of mutually respectful and sensitive conduct among members of the University and encourage all of its members to actively take a stand to help dismantle barriers and ensure protection against discrimination.

This is what normal should look like.

The TU Berlin Executive Board, 10 June 2020

*Note: In reference to a statement given by Barack Obama on Twitter.

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