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Provisioning for external persons is now possible again enabling them to use TU Berlin's IT services

TU Berlin members have access to a wide range of IT applications and services, including a personalized email address, access to the Eduroam WiFi network, and registering on the University's electronic learning platform ISIS. Using these applications and services requires a TU Berlin user account, or TU account for short.

The process of registering for an account is known as provisioning at TU Berlin. Beginning 5 May 2022, this option has been made available again for external persons, in other words people who are not employed at TU Berlin but whose work requires them to use the University's resources. This includes contract teachers, visiting scholars, or persons providing coaching or IT services.

TU Berlin has set up a new procedure for provisioning external persons in SAP. Applications and approvals are via the TU Portal.

Further information

You can find details about the new procedure for provisioning external persons on this website - including FAQs and fact sheets.


If you still have questions about provisioning external persons, please send an email to exakt(at)


© Anastasiia Kamil / Unsplash

Die Provisionierung externer Personen ist wieder möglich und erfolgt nun über das TU-Portal.