Making Heavy Goods Vehicle Traffic Climate-Friendly

Long-distance road haulage is a significant cause of the continued increase of CO2 emissions in the transport sector. “If we were able to begin by electrifying just a few vehicles, the high mileage of these vehicles alone would create a significant absolute impact,” says Professor Dr. Stefanie Marker, head of the Chair of Naturalistic Driving Observation for Energetic Optimisation and Accident Avoidance at TU Berlin.

Together with other research institutions as well as partners from logistics, systems technology, software, automotive engineering, and the energy sector, Professor Marker has now successfully acquired approximately 6.5 million euros for the eHaul project. The funding comes from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with further financial input provided by partner organizations. The goal is to develop an automated battery exchange station for electric heavy goods vehicles.

Further Information

Find out more in our press release from 9 March 2021.