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Latest Information About Committee Elections at TU Berlin

The deadline to submit nominations for committee elections is 17 May 2021. However, the Electoral Office is currently able to work on a limited basis only. Appeals against the electoral register cannot be reviewed and it has not been possible to hire election workers to mail postal ballots. Candidates have also complained about the difficulties they are encountering while preparing election nominations.

In an extraordinary meeting to be held at 14:00 on 12 May 2021, the Central Election Committee will take a decision on how to proceed under the current circumstances. This meeting is open to the public and can be attended via the following link:

The amendment to the Election Regulations published on 11 May 2021 provides the Central Election Committee with a number of possible measures, ranging from postponing the elections to changing election procedures through to canceling the elections.

Electoral Office staff and the chair of the Central Election Committee expect the committee to postpone the deadline for submitting election nominations and thus the elections as well. Due to the legally required interval between the submission deadline and elections, it is only possible to postpone the procedure for a maximum of three weeks., Elections would then be held during the final week of lectures.

As the entire election procedure starting with the display of the electoral register and ending with the counting of votes has to take place during the lecture period, postponing elections by more than three weeks would require new elections to be scheduled for the winter semester.

Depending how long certain IT systems at TU Berlin remain unavailable, the committee will consider whether such a decision is necessary.