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Information for Persons Applying for Jobs at TU Berlin

updated 7 May 2021, 16:30

TU Berlin is currently unable to receive or send emails from email addresses published in University job postings. In an effort to ensure application procedures run as smoothly as possible, all application deadlines for current positions have been extended. All application deadlines which ended or will end 30 April through 14 May 2021 have been extended until 14 May 2021.

We will publish an update on the TU Berlin homepage should email communication become possible again during this time.

We kindly request all applicants who sent their application to the published email address between 12 and 30 April 2021 to re-send their application as soon as we announce that we are able to receive emails again.

Please check the University’s homepage regularly for updates about email communication. We thank you for your understanding.