For all TU Berlin Members: Change Your Central TU Password!

updated 27 May 2021, 16:08

All members of TU Berlin, including students and staff, are requested to change their central TU Berlin password as soon as possible. You can change it here:

Extraordinary members of TU Berlin are requested to send an email to the University’s IT support (it-support(at) so that they can add any information which is missing in the system. You must do this to be able to change your password using the above link.

Your new central TU password will allow you to access any University IT services which are currently available, such as WebEx Teams, Zoom, ISIS, and email. New password requirements with increased security standards apply when creating your new central password. You can view these when changing your password.

This new central TU password is required to be able to use the new temporary email service (emergency service). This service was made available to all members of the University on 14 May 2021.

If you use your previous central TU password for personal purposes, we strongly recommend changing your login details and creating a new private password.

As yet, we are unable to eliminate the possibility that individual user details were leaked during the IT attack. Changing your personal password is a preventative measure.

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