Sustainable Engineering

SEES - Sustainable Electrical & Electronic System for the Automotive Sector

The SEES project was funded by the EU within the sixth research framework program, priority 6.2 (sustainable surface transport, development of environmentally friendly transport systems and modes of transport). The project brings together automobile manufacturers and suppliers, universities, recycling facilities, research centers and experts. Since May 2005, SEES has also been involved in the CARE Electronics project.

The main goal of the project is to develop new recycling technologies as well as more sustainable, cost-efficient and less polluting EES (electrical and electronic systems) prototypes to increase the recycling rate of vehicles. The current recycling rate in Europe is 75% and is mainly achieved through metal recycling. Based on this, the project tries to improve the post-consumer recycling scenario in order to support the goals of the end-of-life vehicle directive.

In order to meet the requirements, an expert report was created that covers the entire life cycle of the product.