Sustainable Engineering

Resource efficiency in products and production

Climate change, health impacts from emissions, the end of oil hardly any other topic has caused as much attention lately as the emerging consequences of global environmental pollution and dwindling resources. In order to meet their responsibility for people and nature while staying competitive despite increasing prices of resources, more and more companies are looking for environmentally and economically sustainable production concepts. TU Berlin accompanied a resource efficiency project by a German automobile manufacturer to study resource consumption and how to minimize the related environmental impacts during production and use. The project focuses on developing a method to rate resource efficiency in order to analyze various components and manufacturing processes for environmental aspects and resource consumption. In order to obtain an objective picture, products and processes are considered across the entire life cycle, from raw material extraction, through production and use, to disposal. This allows for a comparison of different material and process variants and to identify ecologically critical phases in the product life cycle. The research project hence aims to provide decision-making aids to help the automotive industry produce high-quality, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly automobiles.

Duration: 07/2007 to 12/2010

Contact person:
M. Sc. Markus Berger
Room Z 202
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