Sustainable Engineering

ESSENZ - Integrated Method for the Calculation/Measurement of Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency is one of the frequently mentioned strategies for sustainable development. The concept is supported by both companies and public institutions. However, it has not yet been clearly defined what resource efficiency actually means or how it is best measured. Both are strongly dependent on the definition of the concept of resource itself as well as on the selected indicators.

An integrated and consistent quantification method is necessary so that products or processes can be compared with regard to resource efficiency or optimization potentials.

The aim of this project is therefore to develop a single one or a set of resource efficiency indicators that

  • address both ecological and socio-economic protectable interests
  • are scientifically consistent as well as practically feasible and
  • are effective across all sectors and are accepted by all stakeholder groups.

On 2 July 2015, a workshop with around 60 participants from industry and research took place in Berlin. The ESSENZ method was presented, explained using two practical examples and then discussed.

The guidelines for the ESSENZ method can be found here:

Duration: 1 August 2012 - 30 November 2015

Funding code: 033R094A

Daimler AG
Deutsches Kupferinstitut Berufsverband e. V.,
Evonik Industries AG,
Siemens AG 07/2010 - 09/2011
ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG
Wissenschaftlicher Gerätebau Dr. Ing. Herbert Knauer GmbH

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