Sustainable Engineering

Chair of Sustainable Engineering

The Chair of Sustainable Engineering (SEE) develops scientific solutions for the sustainability assessment of products and technologies. While environmental protection and sustainable development are widely accepted as foundations of government policy and corporate strategies, the challenge for many organizations is to put sustainability into practice.

But how can sustainability and environmental compatibility really be measured comprehensively?

How can a holistic assessment for products or production processes be implemented?

The Chair of Sustainable Engineering addresses these questions by developing and applying methods with a systemic perspective on technology, the environment and sustainability.

Our mission: We teach and develop life cycle based solutions to measure sustainability for decision making.

Our vision: We want to be the leading research group in sustainability assessment making a tangible contribution towards sustainable development.

Research and provision of science-based approaches for evaluating the sustainability of products, technologies, and services.

Building bridges between science and daily application through collaborations.

Teaching, research and the application of scientifically proven tools and methods for assessing the sustainability of products and technologies.



Chair of Sustainable Engineering

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