Security in Telecommunications


We offer courses in hardware security, system architectures, cryptography, and quantum computing. Our teaching is always practice-oriented.  "I can pass practical knowledge to students," says Prof. Seifert, "because I built security chips myself in the labs of Samsung and Intel and was confronted daily with new security problems that often required immediate solutions. So my courses are about the real world and meeting actual security requirements."


Thesis & Projects

We at SecT offer challenging tasks for motivated students. We focus on security in telecommunication, hardware security, secure system architectures and virtualization.

If you are interested in completing project, bachelor or master thesis, we ask that you try to propose a topic that you are interested in completing. Good examples are security-related projects that you have not had time to complete outside the university. The goal is to provide you the necessary supervision and equipment to complete the task in a realistic timeframe. You can also request project and thesis ideas. For the project modules offered by us, please see this page. 

Please a send a short proposal (4-10 sentences) or inquiry at the person responsible for your area of interest:

  • Hardware Security (Nilcas Kühnapfel, Hans Niklas Jacob, Elham Amini, Tuba Kiyan, Thilo Krachenfels)
  • Cryptography (Henning Seidler)
  • Network and Telecommunication Security (<a href="">Vincent Ulitzsch</a>, Altaf Shaik)
  • Application Security and Authentication (Julian Fietkau)
  • Software & Web security (Sebastian Neef)
  • OS and Firmware Security (Hans Niklas Jacob, Christian Werling)
  • System Security (in particular Trusted Execution Environments & Confidential Computing) (Vincent Ulitzsch)
  • Post-quantum cryptography and side-channel analysis (Soundes Marzougui)
  • Quantum Computing (Jean-Pierre Seifert)

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