Security in Telecommunications


 TitleAdvisorStudentThesis Available?Year 
 Security analysis of locked scan chains with failure analysis toolsTuba KiyanLars Renkes2023  
 Fuzzing the AMD SP's ROM bootloader with LibAFL using QEMU full-system emulationChristian WerlingPatrick Gersch2023  
 Evaluating the Electromagnetic Fault Injection Resistance of Modern CPUs: A Case Study on AMD's Secure ProcessorThilo KrachenfelsNiklas Kühnapfel2022  
 Breaking the Shuffling Countermeasure in Lattice-Based Signature SchemesVincent Q. Ulitzsch 2022  
 A Practical Analysis of UEFI Threats Against Windows 11Christian WerlingJoshua Klemens Machauer2022  
 FCAT: Design and Implementation of a Firmware Collection and Analysis ToolChristian WerlingKonstantin Ausborn2022  
 Evaluation of Fault Injection Resistance on Nvidia Tegra X1 and X2 SoCsThilo KrachenfelsChristoph Otto Bittner2021