Security in Telecommunications

About us

The Security in Telecommunications department researches the limits and foundations for achievable security, with the aim of creating the most secure and reliable telecommunications systems.

Security as a new basic research area
"Given the significance of security for telecommunications today, I would like to establish the security foundations research area as part of information technology," said Prof. Seifert, explaining his motivation. It would have to be about understanding the three areas security, virtualization and reliable manageability of devices and platforms as a unit and systematic research into these areas.

Connecting knowledge and practice
"I can pass on practical knowledge to students," said Prof. Seifert, "because I built security chips myself in the laboratories of Samsung and Intel and was confronted on a daily basis with new security problems, which often required immediate solutions. My courses therefore deal with the real world and meeting actual security requirements."

Our Team

Our team brings together PhD students, post-docs and student employees from the different research fields of our chair