Rail Vehicles

Courses in winter semester

Design and structure of rail vehicles

In the module Design and Structure of Rail Vehicles, in addition to general vehicle concepts for both passenger and freight rail transportation, wagon designs are considered. Another focus is the consideration of the bogies with their components: Bogie frames, primary and secondary suspensions.
The following topics are discussed in detail:


Students will gain a comprehensive insight into the current discussion about the future of the railways in Germany. They will be able to analyze the operational, technical, legal and economic aspects of rail transport and communicate them to experts, politicians and the public.

Dynamics of rail vehicles - applications

In this module, theoretical problems in the field of vehicle dynamics are solved based on a practical task. In parallel to the computational exercises, simulation calculations are performed for the given problems. The interpretation and analysis of measurement and simulation results is an essential part of the module.

Basics of track guidance

Track guidance is the most important system property of rail vehicles. The low energy losses of the wheel-rail system and the ability to form long train formations contribute significantly to the high energy efficiency and sustainability of rail transportation.

Reorganization of rail freight transport

This event will provide an insight into the framework conditions of rail freight transport in Europe. Since the railway reform, many processes in rail freight transport have been adapted to the new framework conditions. Against the background of market liberalization, the requirements for companies, rolling stock and infrastructure will be illustrated with examples.

Rail Vehicle System Dynamics

Students are qualified to work on problems from special areas of railway engineering and to implement possible solutions. The courses offered within the module deepen individual subject areas and complement each other thematically.

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