Rail Vehicles

Courses in summer semester

Drive and braking technology of rail vehicles

In the module "Drive and brake technology of rail vehicles", the realisation of the drive of rail vehicles is considered. Both the constructive implementation and the effects on driving dynamics are dealt with. Another focus of the module is on the brake used in rail transport and its special features.

Dynamics of rail vehicles - theory

In this course the basics of vehicle dynamics of rail vehicles are taught. In particular, questions of simulation technology are considered. Part of the course is the introduction to the multi-body simulation software SIMPACK.

Introduction to railway vehicle technology

The module is the basic subject in the subject area of rail vehicles. It provides an initial insight into the structure and functions of rail vehicles. Furthermore, basic knowledge of the framework conditions for the use of vehicles in the railway system is imparted.

Electric railways

This course deals with the basics and special features of electric railway systems. Both the electrical drive technology and the infrastructure required for the operation of electric railways are considered.

Reorganization of public transport

This presentation will give an insight into the framework conditions of public passenger transport. Since the railway reform, many processes in local passenger transport have been adapted to the new framework conditions. Against the background of market liberalisation, the requirements for companies, rolling stock and infrastructure will be illustrated with examples.

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