Rail Vehicles

Theses completed in the department since 1977

Final degree thesis and bachelor theses

Fang RongIntermodal Analysis of Filling and Surge Regulations for the Transportation of Liquid Goods: A Study of Innovative Potion Container Concepts in the Railroad Sector2023
Anastasia UllrichInvestigation of Freight Train Limiting Loads Using Digital Automatic Coupling and Distributed Traction with Selected Examples2023
Lucie GirodConcept Development for Metrological Strength Analysis of Coupling Tests with the Digital Automated Coupling2023
Philippe RyllEstimation of the driving dynamics of rail freight movements using GPS measurements2023
Kim YoungMap matching of measured GPS records to infrastructure master data from official and open sources2023
Can, SinanOpportunities and Challenges of Digitalization for Railroad Noise Control2023
Marius SchütteRail vehicle obstacle crossing detection using on-board microphones2022
Isabella ZimmermannAnalysis of rail passenger noise emissions based on data from the Federal Railway Authority's noise monitoring stations2022
Domenic MagerAcoustic requirements for the exterior noise of local passenger rail vehicles2022
Blaybel, BilalStudy of the opportunities and risks of multiple traction in Germany2022
Helming, GustavDevelopment of a demonstrator to visualize the automatic brake test of freight wagons2022
Wendland, DanielIncreasing acceptance of rail noise abatement measures2022
Warns, LeoInvestigation of longitudinal dynamics of overlong freight trains2022
Grittke, Lisa NoelleInvestigation of potential damage effects of obstacle crossings on rail vehicles by evaluating exemplary measurement data2022
Balint, Gyözö GereCalculation of the Track Decay Rate based on an analytical track model2022
Werner, CarstenInvestigate the feasibility of converting the T3 railcar into a battery-powered railcar.2022
Osbahr, NiklasAnalysis of the options for monitoring the pantograph during the transition between catenary and noncatenary operation.2022
Dielforder, DavidAnalysis of the applicability of the GCU to practical brake system failures2022
Cron, LeanderCost Estimate for the Implementation of Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC) in Rail Freight Transportation2021
Maassen, OkkeThe prospects for the success of the introduction of automatic couplers in the rail freight transport2022
Medjeuwa Nono, Merveille AnastaseFeasibility study on the design of a short battery multiple unit for local rail passenger transport2021
Fricke, MaartenData-based prediction of brake block wear to optimise freight wagon maintenance2021
Jannermann, NiklasTrack vegetation control using UV-C - concept for equipping a rail vehicle2021
Hofmann, BiancaCommunication Strategies in the Rail Freight Industry: Comparison With the Aviation Industry and Concept Definition for the Digital Freight Wagon Industry2020
Thomma, Luca PabloMeasurement and evaluation methods based on accelerometers for on-board detection of short wave rail irregularities2020
Gillwald, MarcoImpact Detection for Railway Freight Wagons2020
Panke, JannikMaintenance Strategies in the Aviation Industry and Rail Freight Transport - Investigating the Transferability of the Aircraft Reliability Programme to Freight Wagons2020
Schwionteck, MarleneSensor-based on-board condition monitoring of freight wagons in Europe - Presentation and comparison of technical solutions2020
Göres, MarkusInvestigation of the influence of different parameters on the ETCS braking calculation of freight trains2020
Knobel, Lukas Pierre NiklasVehicle-based track monitoring - researching and presenting current developments2020
Freitag, AlexanderConsiderations for recovering braking energy on the Brocken line of the Harzer Schmalspurbahn2019
Birk, DavidDamage analysis on SA3 couplings2019
Zimmermann, Eva MariaRail Freight Innovation - Key Barriers and Opportunities to Improve Innovation Capability2019
Kaffler, AaronVehicle Dynamics Analysis and Relevance of a Single-Axle Vehicle Concept for the Development of an E-Tender in Urban Rail Passenger Transportation2019
Wettig, ArianeAnalysis of the influence of different driving resistances on traction energy consumption2019
Tietz, LeonhardConcepts for optimizing the energy consumption of vehicle air conditioning systems2019
Werner, PhilippModeling of the stabilizing joints of the automatic center buffer clutch for multi-body simulation2019
Wild, PatrickCreate a MATLAB tool to determine the longitudinal and lateral forces in the buffer contact.2019
Discher, SaskiaDesign of a measurement concept for brake pad wear2019
Dogan, IhsanFriction Modeling of Freight Wagons Block Brakes2018
Mähnert, JonasInvestigation of wireless monitoring systems on freight wagons with a focus on energy consumption and communication2018
Colao, ClaudioDevelopment of a tool to simulate a UIC control valve2018
Köhler, LukasStatistical Evaluation of Wheel Flange Thickness Development in Electric Multiple Units2018
Schönberg, Chris AndreasStudy of out-of-round wheel diagnostics to develop predictive maintenance2018
Rupp, PhilippeRail parts supply2018
Voigt, JulianeInvestigate the impact of harder wheel steels on the overall rail system2018
Brown, JulianKinematic Modelling and Analysis of Various Radial Steering Bogies for Freight Wagons2018
Wartmann, SimonDevelopment of a teaching and demonstration model for an automatic Scharfenberg coupling2018
Davydenko, RomanCreation of a maintenance concept for a wheelset of an internally mounted freight wagon bogie2017
Schäfer, AntonModelling the flow processes in the main line of trains.2017
Hubert, MartinAutomation Options for Train Preparation and Wagon Technical Inspection in Modern Rail Freight Transportation - A Review of Wagon Inspector 4.02017
Lobreier, JulianInvestigation of the structural dynamic behaviour of a discretely supported rail using the finite element method.2017
Eslami, SetarehDesign and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of a wheelset shaft for an innovative freight wagon bogie.2017
Sauthoff, TaroAnalysis of Wheel Wear on DB Regio AG Vehicles in the North-East Region2017
Rauer, JanoschRequirements for the automatic centre buffer coupling in rail freight transport development2017
Labe, VivienAnalysis of a Test to Characterise Damping Coatings for Reducing Railway Noise2017
Meyer, DavidInvestigation of data communication for telematics used in safety-relevant monitoring systems on freight wagons with the aid of GSM-R.2017
Ngouadjeu, Joel YoumbiMulti-body simulation of the Switch Inspection & Measurement (SIM) wagon for crossing transition and dynamic behaviour analysis using SIMPACK: Comparison of simulation results with measurements2017
Hainz, SvenjaRequirements for Optimised Processes in Rail Freight Transport from the Customer's Perspective2016
Zieger, TomInvestigation of the processes in wheel-rail contact under the influence of traction forces using multi-body simulation2016
Graetz, ChristianEffect of Rail Processing on Rail Vehicle Noise Emission2016
Peche, FlorianConstruction and design of a test vehicle to simulate a derailment on a slab track2016
Wester-Ebbinghaus, HubertusDetermining the necessary gripping range of an automatic coupling for use at SBB Cargo AG.2016
Rehse, LeifConstruction of a Device for Measuring Driving Resistance2016
Sebald, FrankAnalysis of current telematics systems for rail vehicles and their applicability to freight wagons.2016
Hennes, MichelFeasibility Study on Detecting Wheel Damage on Freight Wagons2016
Berner, FabianThis is a feasibility study for monitoring brake equipment on freight wagons, specifically focusing on brake block wear.2016
Giese, SebastianSafety Responsibility in Railway Operations2016
Langhoff, TimFeasibility analysis of using piezoelectric energy harvesters on the superstructure of freight wagons based on measurement data.2015
Himmelsbach, DanielModelling structure-borne sound events in a multi-body system using flexible components2015
Ewald, ChristianOperational investigation of single-track extension variants of underground lines: The case of U3 in Berlin2015
Gülker, MatthiasA market analysis of the bogies of freight wagons, including an evaluation of the wheel wear and the running stability. The analysis of the running characteristics is also included.2015
Mahlkow, Adrian Witte, JonathanDevelopment of a wheelset apron2015
Münnich, PhilippAnalysis of Wheel Damage on Rail Vehicles: Influencing Factors and Consequences2015
Uibel, PhilippThe aim of this project is to develop a computer-aided calculation program that optimises the brake force blending of the operational brakes of rail vehicles.2015
Martins, DanielGreen Freight Transport in Europe2014
König, DanielInvestigation of the principle mechanisms of action of the design wheelset connection for freight wagon bogies2014
Oeler, ThomasCategorization of reliability relevant failures of regional trains with respect to failure avoidance2014
Witte, JonathanIntegration of noise-reduction measures in maintenance2014
Nowak, JennyComparison of Rail Roughness Measuring Devices: A Plausibility Analysis of Their Results2014
Täubert, MaikDesign of Fire Protection Systems in Railway Vehicles2014
Mairinger, OliverFeasibility study for the use of diesel-hydraulically powered vehicles of the 218 and 628 series on Cape-gauge networks in Africa.2013
Wachsmuth, Felix ChristophOptimisation potential for energy consumption of a tram: Determination and evaluation2013
Lorenz, SvenAnalysing pressure curves in the main air line of rail vehicles during braking processes.2013
Lorenz, MichaelFeature Formation for On-Board Hollow Running Detection on Freight Wagons2013
Jaiwai, SompongAnalysis of the friction coefficient behaviour of grey cast iron and plastic brake blocks in rail freight transport2013
Zumbach, ChristophOptimisation of Track Parameters2013
Kraus, DimitriCalculation of Dispersion for Parked Rail Vehicles2013
Konerow, ReneFeasibility study on loading and unloading in distribution centres for new general cargo transport.2013
Koschmann, Taras S.Comparison of Two Bogie Types2013
Knittel, EricDetermining the natural frequencies of a passenger coach2013
Siring, LukasAnalysis of potential faults in railway freight wagon brakes and their monitoring through automated brake testing.2013
Bautsch, ErasmusConsideration of roughness levels as a function of the number of measuring points.2013
Yang, YifanModel Construction of a saddle bottom unloader for lignite mining2013
Traulsen, Nicolaus Harald FriedrichFeasibility Study on Wagon Design for New General Cargo Transport2013
Möller, FranziskaAnalysis of Inhibiting Factors in the Use of Fibre Composites in Rail Vehicle Construction2012
Zhang, XiaotingTelematics systems for rail freight transport in Asia2012
Tennstedt, TomMethod for verifying the freedom of movement of rail vehicles relative to each other2012
Jobstfinke, DanieEnergy supply for refrigerated containers on container wagons2012
Schröter, MaikAnalysis of Options for Detecting Derailments in Freight Wagons2012
Graeber, GustavInfluence of the Superstructure on Contact Geometry2012
Schröder, SteffenAdvanced analysis of rail roughness measurements with verification2012
Köster, StellaOrder analysis of traction motors can be used to identify bearing faults. This can be demonstrated through the example of a local transport drive.2012
Giller, VitalijAssessing the Ride Comfort of a Railway Vehicle through Measurements2012
Senger, LennartAnalysis of Y25 bogie driving behaviour based on measurement data2012
Held, JoschaThe optimisation of maintenance for Regio-Shuttle rail vehicles (BR 650) by revising existing maintenance specifications in accordance with DIN 27201-1.2012
Hofmann, FelixAnalysing the possibilities of displacement measurement using acceleration sensors2012
Schnelle, EricDevelopment of a maintenance and servicing plan for the CFCB brake system of a Faccns freight wagon of Havelländische Eisenbahn AG2011
Reinhardt, PaulMetrological investigation of a beam track brake at Vaidotai marshalling yard in Lithuania.2011
Grohé, LouisIndirect determination of the decay rate of the track and further analysis of its stability.2011
Knitter, OliverAdaptation and validation of a vehicle model in SIMPACK using real measured data2011
Götz, GernothCreation of a multi-body system model for a freight wagon bogie with internal bearings and investigation of the vehicle dynamics.2011
Sohr, SebastianInvestigation of Structural Vibrations of a Wheelset Shaft in the BVG GI Underground Series2010
Fabian, StefanieEvaluation of driving cycles for diesel railcars with subsequent identification of optimization potential.2010
Herrmann, TobiasCost-benefit analysis of acoustically optimised superstructure systems based on measurement results.2010
Fabian, Paul Georg MartinInvestigating the impact of the trailing arm on railcar dynamics using the SIMPACK multibody system program.2010
Ehrlich, TobiasCollection and processing of trackside parameters for the Rübelandbahn.2010
Wesseler, ChristophCreation of a wear model and investigation of wear behaviour in the wheel/rail contact.2010
Chen, JiaAnalysis of the thermal-mechanical load of an acoustically optimised railway track with an elastomer intermediate layer under operating conditions.2010
Denisow, FabianMeasurement data evaluation from the 'Permanent On-board Track Monitoring' project2010
Fabian, StefanieEvaluation of driving cycles for diesel railcars with subsequent identification of optimization potential.2010
Oppel, MaikMeasurement and evaluation of driving cycles for diesel railcars, followed by identification of potential areas for optimization.2010
Friedrich, DanielThe maintenance programme will be changed in accordance with DIN 27201-1, which includes spreading the deadlines for a diesel railcar sub-fleet.2010
Nesterow, SaschaData collection for sonRail model calculations2010
Müller, RenePlanning and Dimensioning of an Innovative Swap Body2009
Schmitke, BenjaminDatenauswertung im Rahmen von Radverschleißuntersuchungen2009
Wang, ShunanParameter Variation and Simulation Calculations of a Passenger Coach2009
Sieglitz, RobertData evaluation as part of the implementation of automated brake testing in rail freight transport2009
Foth, MichaelEvaluation and Qualitative Classification of Acoustically Relevant Parameters of Urban Railway Tracks2009
Wienert, MarcoTechnical and economic analysis of the integration of a waste heat utilisation system on a 628.4 series railcar2009
Bing, DanielEvaluation of Tank Wagons2007
Kirov, NikolayOn-board rail breakage detection in fully automatic underground railway operation2007
Wang, JiashengInvestigating the Transverse Stiffness of Helical Torsion Springs Using Finite Element Method (FEM)2007
Schult, KarstenOptimising Electrical Cabling and Interfaces in Modern Tram Vehicles2007
Bunge, MarcelComparison of various track models for use in MBS models in the design of railway vehicles.2006
Schwarz, AlexanderComputational Modal Analysis of a Suburban Railway Bogie Frame: Modelling, Adjustment and Vibration Reduction2006
Wang, JiashengModelling and Finite Element Method (FEM) calculation of panoramic railway carriages2006
Ernst, MarcoDevelopment of an improved method for the variation of elastic FEM structures in MBS models using the example of the wheelset of a light rail vehicle2006
Grote, DanielaEvaluation of the multi-functionality of the LEILA-DG freight wagon bogie and its impact on German guidelines.2006
Eitel, BorisTelematics systems for rail transport: arguments for future widespread applications on freight wagons2006
Schäpermeier, ChristophDesign features, material research, and analysis methods for permanent clearance height monitoring of trams.2005
Mängel, ChristianThe development of measures to enhance the reliability of the BR 112/114/143 family of traction units by utilising the EN 50126 standard.2005
Thron, ThomasCalculation of Railway Vehicle Noise Tonality2004
Lachmann, OlafModal analysis of a deadened rail section2004
Bachrat, MilanDesign of derivatives of the 'Light and Low-Noise Freight Wagon Bogie (Leila-DG)'2003
Neumann, DirkConstruction of a Test Rig for Measuring the Setting Behaviour of Rubber Springs for Use in Rail Vehicles2003
Raubold, JohannesOptimising a freight wagon bogie with radial arms using the LEILA-DG and numerical calculation methods in the MEDYNA simulation software.2003
Manschitz, MaikReview of the Swiss calculation model for railway noise emissions (SEMIBEL)2002
Baumgarten, NorbertInvestigation of Rail Radiation Behaviour2002
Meurer, ArthurMeasurement of leaf spring parameters and their implementation in a multibody system (MBS) model of a freight wagon bogie in the MEDYNA simulation software.2002
Herbst, AndreasNumerical calculation of contact surface ratios in tight bends for a suburban railway carriage.2001
Paulin, JennySystematisation and Properties of Wheel/Rail Profile Combinations2000
Stegemann, BertComfort in rail passenger transport with a focus on sleeping cars - criteria, standards, and measurement methods.2000
Ihlein, VolkerInvestigations into the adhesion and slip characteristics of steel pinions when wetted with water.1999
Franke, BurkardAnalysis and development of assembly-optimised insulation concepts and processes for rail vehicles1999
Kurzeck, BernhardBenchmark Test of FMD Calculations for a Passenger Coach using ADAMS/Rail and Medyna1999
Jeske, ThiloRevitalisation of railway lines: low-cost solutions using measuring and diagnostic systems1998
Dinh, The-TruyenComparison of Standardised Freight Wagon Running Gears in Europe and Innovative Running Gear Concepts1998
Jürgens, RolandInvestigating fundamental relationships in rail vehicle collisions using a multi-body simulation program: A case study of a tram accident.1998
Wille, NicolasNovel materials for the floor structure of a railway vehicle are being considered, with special attention given to acoustic properties1997
Trepte, StefanProcedure for Evaluating Wheel Slide Protection Systems1997
Dahm, Hans-PeterConceptual studies on the design of a two-system rail/road vehicle that can be used in local and regional transport1997
Peuschel, DirkConceptual investigations of full-scale crash tests with rail vehicles1996
Meyer-Jarchow, BerndEvaluation of Maintenance Technology for Components Subject to Wear on Railway Vehicles Using the LifeCycleCost Method (LCC)1996
Liedtke, UweDevelopment of a lightweight trolley body (sample section) with innovative insulation and air conditioning.1996
Lappehn, AndreEvaluation of Low-Floor Running Gear Concepts1996
Komann, ClaudiaConception of a cold joining system that locks materials for the truss wagon body of a regional rail vehicle.1996
König, AndréA Comparison of Bogie Designs with Different Wheelset and Loose Wheel Configurations in Terms of Their Quasi-Static Derailment Safety1996
Habermann, DanieInvestigations into the behaviour of traction and slip under dynamic loads.1996
Erdmann, MarcDevelopment of crash-optimized basic modules for the supporting structure in rail vehicle bodies1996
Altmann, LarsEfficiency of Spur Gears in Rail Vehicle Drives1996
Strebel, ChristophOptions for Increasing Metro Capacity1995
Ruck, HeikoInventory of typical passenger coach interior configurations in terms of seating arrangement, seat geometry and materials used1995
Rieckenberg, ThomasMeasuring track guidance forces on the leading pair of idler wheels of the AEG GT6N low-floor tram for Berlin.1995
Lerssen, ErikCreation of a PC programme for the design of simple rubber springs and consideration of implemented examples in rail vehicles.1995
Schönberg, ChristianSpeed control of the train speed measuring stand for vehicle dynamics tests1994
Mahr, AlexanderDigital control of the train journey measuring station1994
Kühn, BernhardPractical involvement in the investigation of the S-Bahn derailment cases in Berlin1994
Sohr, SteffenThe impact of the natural vibration behaviour of the tensile dynamometer on the measured variables, including normal force, torque, and slip, during running-in experiments and under changing rolling friction load conditions.1993
Schmidt, FlorianTest bench tests were conducted to determine the unstable frictional connection and slip dependencies of metallic rolling gear pairs.1993
Scheffler, SteffenTesting a newly established measuring station for acquiring surface roughness topographies and displaying various measurement values.1993
Ramm, JochenPreliminary investigations were conducted on the realization of bonded joints in the body panelling and glazing of urban rail vehicles.1993
Martens, HolgerQuantitatively describing and changing the surface structures of rolling wheel during test bench running-in processes.1993
Yu, ZhihuaA four-stroke underfloor diesel engine for rail buses is to be designed using the pre-chamber method with the following characteristics1992
Linder, UlrichA computational simulation of a train journey has been conceived, taking into account the results to be achieved with the train journey measuring stand1991
Zakaria, JeannoDesign calculation of the diesel engine for a locomotive on a branch line1990
Tittel, MartinInfluence of preload on the frictional force and slip behaviour of a wheel-rail steel rolling contact pair1990
Stichel, SebastianTest setup to assess the level of safety against derailment of the new Berlin S-Bahn railcars1990
Miedler, Johann-UlrichDesigning a low-floor light rail vehicle tailored to the conditions of Berlin1990
Spurk, GerhardUmsetzung von experimentell aufgenommenen Beschleunigungsamplituden und Schwingungsfrequenzen in allgemeinverbindliche Stadtverkehrs-Schienenfahrzeugen1989
Künzel, ThomasOptimierung der Frontpartien bei Stadtbahnfahrzeugen1989
Knorre, FrankExperimentelle Untersuchung der Reibkraft-Schlupfabhängigkeit von metallischen Wäzlpaarungen1987
King, Cherng-KaeExperimentelle und analytische Untersuchungen über die Reibkraft-Schlupfabhängigkeit von metallischen Wälzpaarungen1987
Jaehne, Hans-JörgFertigungsgerechte Konstruktion einer im Entwurf vorhandenen Stoßabbau- und Energieverzehreinrich-tung für Stadtverkehrs-Schienenfahrzeuge1987
Jacobs, PeterMesstechnische Ausstattung eines für die Erprobung von Stoßabbau- und Energieverzehreinrichtungen umgerüsteten Bahndienstwagens1987
Gärtner, UweKonstruktion eines Triebdrehgestells mit schwenkbaren Radpaaren für Niederflur-Stadtbahnfahrzeuge1987
Rasenack, WolfgangKonstruktion und Berechnung einer Vorrichtung für Crashversuche mit Güterwagen der BVG1986
Wurster, KlausKonstruktion und Berechnung einer Stoßabbau- und Energieverzehr-Einrichtung für den neuen S-Bahn-Triebwagen Berlin1985
Bouyenia, MehdiAuswertung und Interpretation von Messwerten über die Radsatzabstands-Verkleinerung im Drehgestell1985
Diel, RolfKonstruktion und Festigkeitsauslegung von Vorrichtungen für die Radialeinstellung von Drehgestell-Radsätzen beim Bogenlauf1983
Nabipour, SaadDurchführung tribochemischer Untersuchungen auf einem Rollreibungsprüfstand1982
Georgiadis, EliasSichtung und Auswertung von Veröffentlichungen über die Festigkeitsberechnung von Wagenkästen und Drehgestellen des Stadtbahn- und U-Bahnbetriebes1982
Cabossioras, ConstantinLastannahmen und Berechnungsgrundsätze für Stadt- und U-Bahn-Wagenkästen1982
Azdasht, GhassemSchaffung der klimatechnischen Voraussetzungen für die Durchführung tribologischer Untersuchungen an einem Rollreibungsprüfstand1982
Willecke, GünterEntwurf und Konstruktion einer neuartigen Türanlage für das Kleinprofil-U-Bahnfahrzeug der Stadt Karlsruhe1981
Marth, JörgKonstruktive und messtechnische Umgestaltung eines Haftwert-Prüfstandes1981
Alabucak, BülendAuswertung von Laborversuchen zur Ermittlung der Parameter, welche auf das Geräuschverhalten von Schienenfahrzeugen beim Bogenlauf Einfluss ausüben1981
Künnemann, BurghardVergleich und Bewertung einzelner Baukomponenten von drei Klein-U-Bahn-Triebwagen1979
Mazur, TiloVergleich und Bewertung einzelner Baukomponenten von drei Klein-U-Bahn-Triebwagen1979
Uhland, HartmannVergleich und Bewertung einzelner Baukomponenten von drei Klein-U-Bahn-Triebwagen1979
Waschke, ThomasVergleich und Bewertung einzelner Baukomponenten von drei Klein-U-Bahn-Triebwagen1979
Fikke, MartinZusammenfassende Darstellung der neuen Entwicklungstendenzen im Personen- und Güterwagenbau der DB1979
Dreger, FrankDurchführung und Auswertung tribologischer Untersuchungen an einem Zugfahrt-Messstand1979
Dietz, JörgWirtschaftlichkeitsvergleich zweier Triebwagenkonstruktionen1979
Schneider, Frank-MichaelZusammenbau, Einjustierung und Inbetriebnahme der Beschickungsanlage für die Klimazelle eines neu konzipierten Zugfahrt-Messstandes mit Reibantrieb sowie Mitwirkung bei Versuchen mit verschiedenen Prüfradwerkstoffen1978
Thonemann, HansEntwurf einer integrierten Messanlage für einen Zugfahrt-Reibrollen-Messstand mit Pendelmotor, Reibradantrieb und Schwungscheibe1977
Elfiki, SaidEntwurf einer Klimaanlage für die Gaszelle eines Zugfahrt-Reibrollen-Messstandes1977

Diploma and master theses

Alexander IttmannIdentify noisy road sections and operating conditions based on vehicle acceleration and microphone measurements2023
Alisa BernerAnalysis of the failure of the brake system of freight wagons2023
Ariane WettigStudy of the resulting wheel profile wear during switch travel2023
Christian LangDevelopment of a methodology to evaluate the suitability of alternative powertrain architectures for rail vehicles2023
Niklas OsbahrDevelopment of a risk assessment tool for parameterized loading concepts2023
Li, WanchunDomain adaptation towards robust wheel flat detection for freight wagons2023
Thomma, Luca PabloMetrological characterization of light rail vehicle sound sources relevant to exterior noise2023
Mahlkow, AdrianFeasibility study for standardization of BVG HK and IK series wheel profiles2022
Proschitzki, JasperImpact of freight structure effects on rail freight traffic and wagon types in demand2022
Kaffler, AaronThe digital freight wagon keeper: promises, realities and necessities in 20222022
Bartholomäus, ThoreImplementation of an ATO model based on open data2022
Rupp, Albert PhilippeImpact of the energy transition on rail freight and the types of freight wagons in demand2022
Wu, YunzhanPrediction of the track parameters using analytical spatial track model and artificial neutral netwerk2022
Labe, VivienConcept for retrofitting an ATO OnBoard Unit to existing vehicles2022
Bauer, FelixPotentiale der Einführung von zustandsorientierter Instandhaltung von bestehenden Fahrzeugflotten im SPNV2022
Discher, SaskiaInventory and concept study for the digitalization of vehicle maintenance processes in rail freight transport using practical examples2022
Vogt, JonathanManeuvering Scenarios with the Automatic Coupling2022
König, DanielDevelopment of a minimum equipment concept for freight wagons2022
Stork, FriedjofStrategies for Increasing the Reliability of Refrigerated Freight Transportation through Electronic Monitoring in Rail Freight Transportation2022
Pan, YunongAnalysis of the effect of simplifications in the vehicle dynamics calculation2021
Panke, JannikInvestigation of the parametrizability of the wheel-rail contact2021
Müller, DevinCreate a MATLAB tool to determine the longitudinal and lateral forces of a wagon train.2021
Perner, VincentDriving Safety Investigation of Two-Axle Freight Wagons with Automatic Coupling with and without Stabilizing Joint Using Multi-Body Simulation2021
Colao, ClaudioNonlinear influence analysis of self-excited bogie and box vibrations2021
Eisfeld, MaximAnalysis of freight wagon maintenance from the workshop's point of view using the example of the Eberswalde freight wagon workshop2021
Schönberg, ChrisInvestigation of the Collision Behavior of Hazardous Goods Tank wagons with Automatic Couplings Using Multi-Body Simulation2021
Oslislo, PhilippComparison of Approaches for Risk Assessment of Innovative Systems in Rail Vehicle Tech-nology between Europe and North America Using the Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brake in Freight Transport as an Example“2021
Rauer, JanoschInterpolation of Simulation Results Using Artificial Neural Networks - Application Recommendations for Engineering Problems2021
Wartmann, SimonKinematics and kinetics of the center buffer clutch during travel and coupling2020
Yang, JinxiaoTwo parameters as optimization targets for designing railway wheel profiles2020
Lohbreier, JulianDetection of a broken spring in the primary restraint of a Y25 bogie using accelerometers2020
Potzelt, EricInvestigating the Potential for Reducing CO2 Emissions through the Use of Freight Trams in Berlin2020
Schneevogt, HelgeAdditive Manufacturing of Railroad Spare Parts2020
Davidoff, AnthonyRequirements for a Diagnostic System for Condition Based Maintenance of a Locomotive Diesel Engine2020
Meyer, DavidReliability Analysis of Freight Trains with Digital Automatic Couplers (DACs)2020
Beeske, IndraReliability and LCC Analysis of Railway Freight Wagons under Different Maintenance Strategies using Petri Net Modeling2020
Kornberg, FelixSynchronization of a state interval timetable with the Deutschlandtakt using the example of the Hamburg - Bremen corridor2020
Klein, SebastianComeback of the InterRegio? Sustainable implementation of a "long-distance or rapid regional transport" network at regular intervals in Germany2020
Rogge, MaxEnergetic and Economic Analysis of the Utilization of Waste Heat from Traction Components of Electric Multiple Units2020
Wester-Ebbinghaus, HubertusEvaluation of the long-term measurement campaign on the brake system of the container wagons of the Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn2020
Walter, NormanInvestigation of the need for sensors in the brake linkage for brake testing and added value for freight wagon brake maintenance2020
Hanisch, ThiloExperimental Analysis of Vibration Dampers for Steel Railroad Bridges2019
Scheller, SebastianAssessing the economic viability of the e-tender concept for the electrification of passenger rail diesel multiple units2019
Hoger, JoshuaCompilation and analysis of Janney coupling damage2019
Scholz, TorstenLocal rail passenger service contracts2019
Uibel, PhilippDevelopment of an algorithm for modeling the temperature distribution in wheel brake disks for arbitrary2019
Wehrmann, MaxConcept study of a sensor-based wagon inspection system using multi-body simulation and measurement data evaluation2019
Beltle, RobertStudy on the further development of the Rolling Highway at the Brenner axis site2019
Rehse, LeifDetermination of the safety requirements of the digital brake test for block-braked freight wagons based on the European CSM regulation2019
Windt, AlexanderAnalysis of alternative propulsion concepts for German commuter rail transport with regard to economic and technical criteria2019
Langhoff, TimInvestigation of the framework for the implementation of condition-based maintenance for freight wagons2018
Vuitton, JonasNon-linear chassis dynamics at the limit of stability2018
Witkowski, PhilippAcoustic comparison of a switch with a continuous track: An Analytical Consideration of Measurement Results from Multiple Train Runs2018
Peche, FlorianInvestigation of the applicability of slack adjusters in diagnosing the condition of freight wagon brake systems2018
Eckenberg, GeorgMonitoring and evaluation of brake tests with a focus on detailed failure analysis2018
Zieger, TomInvestigation and characterization of the dynamic vertical force of rail vehicles2018
Le Claire, ElisabethComparison of methods for simulation of longitudinal compressive forces in trains and resulting vehicle reactions2018
Ngouadjeu Youmbi, JoelMulti-body simulation of the Switch Inspection & Measurement (SIM) wagon for crossing transition and dynamic behaviour analysis using SIMPACK: Comparison of simulation results with measurements2017
Gülker, MatthiasInvestigation of the running behavior of block-braked freight wagons, taking into account the wear behavior when using composite brake blocks2017
Apelbaum, JonathanInvestigation of the Lateral Dynamics of Freight Wagons with Automatic Centre Buffer Coupling2017
Bugschat, ChristophDevelopment of a coupling adapter for connecting2017
Felde, JohannInvestigation into the economic feasibility of utilising welding robots for the manufacturing of bogie type Y31.2017
Jeong, MuliawanSensitivity analysis of a parameterised superstructure model for modelling structure-borne noise events using the finite element method2017
Tcheg, JohanDevelopment and examination of a Locomotive model in SIMPACK with drive control2017
Hainz, SvenjaRequirements for Optimised Processes in Rail Freight Transport from the Customer's Perspective2017
Culemann, CarlDevelopment of a Roll Support for a Standard European Freight Wagon2016
Tabrizi, PooyaShunting Impact Detection2016
Denisow, FabianThe target values for the permissible tensile and compressive forces of the automatic coupling at SBB Cargo AG.2016
Ewald, ChristianThe S-Bahn connection from Tegel Airport to Berlin Central Station is available for subsequent use.2016
Grams, MartinTechnical and economic analysis of additional energy-saving potential for electric traction, using DB Regio Nordost as an example.2016
Oeler, ThomasMatlab Tool for Simulating Braking Processes of Single Wagons and Trains2016
Rudolph, MarcusA parameterised superstructure model was created to map structure-borne noise events using the finite element method.2015
Herzog, ChristopherSignificance of component failure in driving dynamics using the example of a new independent suspension system.2015
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