Rail Vehicles

Transportation Turnaround and Quieter Rail by 2030 Concept


The goal of the research project (FKZ 3721 54 102 0) for the German Federal Environmental Agency is to develop a holistic concept for quieter rail traffic in Germany by the year 2030, taking into account the modal shift. The concept includes rail vehicles, rail lines and parking facilities. The project will determine the status quo of noise pollution caused by rail traffic in 2021, forecast the noise pollution to be expected in 2030 for various scenarios (e.g. with regard to traffic development, dissemination of noise abatement measures), and evaluate technical and operational noise abatement measures with regard to noise reduction potential and cost-effectiveness. In this context, the possibilities of digitization and the subjective perception of noise abatement measures will be investigated. In addition, it will be analyzed how to motivate different stakeholders to implement noise reducing innovations and to what extent EU funding opportunities for noise abatement on infrastructure can be considered.

The topics of railway acoustics and railway engineering are dealt with by the TU Berlin. Issues of economic efficiency of measures, issues of the actors of the sector (interests, barriers, incentives, interactions) and the political influence on the actors are dealt with by the IGES Institute. Legal issues are investigated by Prof. Pache.

Project duration

May 2021 - December 2024

Project partner

Universität Würzburg, TU Berlin