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Automated brake test (AmaBPro)

Project description

The project "Establishment of a Test Field for the Automation of the Brake Test in the SGV" (AmaBPro) deals with the brake test, which is an elementary physical and time-consuming step in train preparation. The project aims to replace this step, which is currently performed manually, with a more efficient automated brake test based on digital technological solutions that will significantly simplify the process. Currently, there are some innovative systems for such an automated brake test in Europe, which have so far proven their basic functionality, but not their broad applicability. The benefits to be expected from the introduction of automated brake testing are essentially direct in terms of reduced transport times, reduced production costs and increased reliability through automated operating processes.

The core objective of the innovation project is to prove the operational suitability of the systems through test fields and pilots. Each manufacturer will be given the opportunity to further develop its prototype through the planned pilot tests. The end result will be an industry-accepted specification document that describes a certifiable, interoperable, and cost-effective solution for automated brake testing. Ideally, all four manufacturers will then be able to further develop their technology in terms of overall architecture and safety requirements. Mature, robust sensor technology and operational compatibility and interoperability are necessary prerequisites for successful market penetration and economic success on all sides, regardless of manufacturer.

Up to 100 freight cars will be equipped with systems from different manufacturers. Over a period of at least one to two years, the various solutions will be extensively tested in different situations and processes, and the measurement results will then be evaluated.

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Project duration

December 2020 - January 2024

Project partner

DB Cargo, TU Berlin