Rail Vehicles

Research projects

Automated brake test (AmaBPro)

The project "Development of a test field for the automation of the brake test in rail freight transport" (AmaBPro) deals with the brake test, which is an elementary physical and time-consuming work step in train preparation.


The introduction of the Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC) is the most important innovation project in rail freight in decades. In addition to automating the coupling process, the DAK allows freight cars to be powered and data to be exchanged within the train set.

Digital Twin

As a modern tool for the implementation of digital maintenance strategies, the digital twin is seen as promising in the industry in general and in the rail vehicle industry in particular.

Quiet rail transport

The goal of the project is to develop a holistic concept for quieter rail traffic in Germany by 2030, taking into account the turnaround in transportation.


In order to reduce congestion on the highways, rail freight transport uses a wide variety of freight cars. They differ in their characteristics depending on the cargo and the dimensions of the freight car.